Chapter 14: Next Path

In the evening where the lord was slain. Glenn, Elaina, and I return to Inn to get our things and properly say our farewells to the receptionist and people who took good care of us. After killing the Lord named Zeno. We can't stay in the city of Danica anymore. In this dungeon, there is a law where Nobles are highly respected, and hurting them leads to execution. Is just like what Zeno said before he lost his life in Glenn's sword.

Knowing that fact, I can't keep myself feeling aggravated. Why this law existed in this dungeon? This kind of one-sided law is easily abused by the people in higher-ups. Zeno took advantage of this law to sexually harassed multiple women already.

He reminded me of the demon king on the surface. I wanted to cut him down with my sword. But that thought is not necessary anymore, because Glenn already finished him off.

"Are you sure to go out in this heavy rain?"

The receptionist said to us.

"It's fine... We already exp


New Arc began its little short one, but still please enjoy it. For now, my goal is to write until the story reaches the first part climax. Stay tuned many action pack scene is about to unfold!

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