Chapter 145: Explosions

Clouds of smoke were scattered in the surroundings after the explosion, pulling residents' attention all at once. Before, people turned into a panic. The other heavenly knights, Noella and Roze, do their job to calm down the residence. Hikari pulled down the barrier to protect the people inside.

The residents were scared of what was going on.

It was understandable considering how many unfortunate events have just happened in Eden City these past few days. Countries'neighboring army attacks, attacks, and extraterrestrial attacks.

Roze, who saw the frightening expressions, couldn’t do anything. Making a promise that they would be safe without anything for its foundation is not something Roze would say. She is not a bright girl that would cheer up everyone. If her acting big sister Winda is here. She will know what needs to do to calm the morale of the people.

Gottoms and the other heavenly knights fall from the last battle and have taken down Roze&rsq

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