Chapter 190: The Forgotten hero
The day was blessed with beautiful clear weather, birds came playing in the sky, and the trees danced with the wind's rhythm. The water stream was crystal clear and there were no dangerous monsters nearby. Presented with this magnificent natural view, I could believe that no one was willing to live in this kingdom. I’m talking about Liana Kingdom.

had there, Falfa and I were walking toward the house we had just purchased. It was a bit far away from her hometown though, but she doesn’t care as long as we can live together in peace. There is no transportation around, which means we only have the option to walk. We've been walking for three days already and we are nowhere near the town we’re heading to.

No one wants to stay in Liana because of the lack of resources. There were no shops around and it was very difficult to find a job, especially for youngsters. I can’t blame them because of young folks like the sense of adventure. That is one of the reasons why I became a knight myself. B

One year is so fast when you grow old. It's like forever when I'm still a kid.

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