Chapter 200: Meeting the fairy queen
Currently, I found myself sleepy while riding the ride toward the nearest train station to the town of Eden. I made a big yawn and rubs my eyes a little.

Last night, I stay up on guard just in case someone summoned other extraterrestrials. Fortunately, there is no following incident that happened. Then, this morning I got invited to the knight's office of Acacia city to explain what I saw.

There is nothing much to say. No one knows where exactly the extraterrestrial popped up. Still, the anxious feeling remains within me. The thought that I might be the reason the extraterrestrial attack happened was stuck in my mind. I can’t help it since I’m somewhat important to them.

It's been years and I still have no complete understanding of what “vector” means. Is vector some kind of special player? Probably, I could find the truth if I ask Dia. But in our current circumstances. It was better to put some space. Dia and I were very uncomfortable seeing each other.

Also, earlier this morning
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