Chapter 210: Good news and Bad news

The harvest festival is always celebrated for three days. Understandable considering the number of events happening. The sun wasn’t resting yet but the tournament was stopped. Promise to return tomorrow afternoon for the semi-finals. The finals will then happen on the last day of the Festival.

For that reason, Falfa and I still have time to wander around. Holding our hands, we walked down the street and checked out for anything that caught our eyes.

Some supporters of the knight I just defeated glare at me like furious cats. Raging because I won the battle. In their eyes, Kinyo is an admirable protagonist and he’s supposed to be the man who will win the battle.

His protagonist's aura is so radiant. It is too much for me. Maybe that’s one of many reasons he rubs me the wrong way. Not that I want to be the protagonist myself.

I may have wanted it when I was little, but now that I’m grown up. I started to think that being a hero was n

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