Chapter 219: Two Orders
A 50-meter-tall dragon appeared out of nowhere. Monsters aren’t supposed to get through the barrier of Liana. The barrier of Liana is been protecting the whole continent for hundreds of years.

While I was dashing in full throttle something from the past resurfaced in my mind. In the past, the time Falfa and I were still new on this continent. There was a case about the havoc of the horned bear. The main culprit for that was the wyvern that took their shelter away from the bears. I took care of them and finds out that a part of the barrier melted.

The hole wasn’t clear to the naked eye and only I who had a gleaming yes could see it. Wyvern noticing the hole is simply dumb luck. However, there must be someone who can see the barrier just like me and…

Is this event caused by my ignorance?

I want to live life os selfishly thinking of my happiness with Falfa. I don’t want to live like a hero who will selflessly dive into danger ever again. I don’t want that feeling anymore.

But why am
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