Chapter 220: Witch Contract
“I’m dead!”

I sat up as I woke up. Immediately I have my hand on my chest and check my wound. There are no wounds in my chest. My body is perfectly fine. I was skeptical myself and look around. The place where I found myself wasn’t someplace I know.

There's no floor but I’m sitting. No walls or anything. The closest description I could ever think of was that this place looks like the starry night sky I usually gaze into.

From some angles, this place looks majestic.

I didn’t notice immediately, but there was a girl sitting on a throne in front of me. The face same as Elaina's. This girl was the Cosmo witch.

“You really mess up there.”

She said.

“You here to help me again. Thank you so much…”

“Help you?”

The witch gives me a cold gaze. My limbs were torn apart and my head was skewered by a golden sword.

“... Don’t get ahead of yourself. I’m not helping you or anything. Well, in some aspect we can say that I was helping you. I mean, you are dead right now and I’m the only one wh
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