Chapter 23: Black robe

I remember Hikari for being surprised to see what humans look like. She referred to Elaina and us like her. I should expect Glenn to tell me something important. But it's also my fault for not using my brain thoroughly.

This monster took my sword attack directly. No blood was seen gushing out on its body. His cut flesh formed back to its original state as nothing had happened. From his waist, he gets two daggers and wield.

I go back on my sword stance pointing my sword directly at him. Surprisingly, The black robe has its body already bent down and hastily charged forward.

He continuously slashes his dagger. While I focus myself on defecting every attack he threw. Waiting for the perfect time to strike.

“Need a sample to have a human body.”

I dodge its next attack. Turning my body on my left side. I turned my sword tip pointing to its head. Thrusting forward to its mouth. The blade goes behind its head.

Like earlier, nobody's fluids we

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