Chapter 26: Until we meet again

Looking at Velrum with bloodlust eyes. I harshly kick the ground. I held my sword tightly as I can. Causing me to transform into my armor form. Charging at him with my sword in front. I slashed him.

“Stellar Armor Grand Chariot? The relic already chose its new master…”

He catches my sword with his bare palm.

My strength was multiplied ten times from my normal. Why I’m not able to pull my sword away from his grip? Just how strong is his grip?

I continue to struggle pulling my sword.

Behind me, Elaina and Glenn made their move. Elaina launched a magical attack. Pushing him back. He lost his grip and focus on another sword going for his head.

Glenn’s sword lit up in crimson red color. Magical force channeled on his sword. His sword was attempting to strike Velrum’s nape. But the sword before reaching his nape. Was blocked with Velrum’s arm armor.


Velrum chanted.

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