Chapter 50: New Horizon

Six months already passed since I started my journey. Traveling in the continent of Fiore.

Foire kingdom is the nearest land to the demon continent and because of that, this land is the easiest land to target by the demons.

With a single glance around me. The green forest ten years ago was is now a forest of dead trees. The land was dry and the soil crumbles apart like sand.

The rumors about Fiore kingdom being 80% of Fiore kingdom land is taken by the demon king army must be true. The Nobles who banished the true royalties made a pact with the demon king. After they take over the whole continent. They’ll attack the kingdom near their border.

Eden city is located on the border in the east after crossing the great dessert.

I will save everyone and won’t let such things happen.

Currently, I’m planning to visit my home town and am now on my way. But first I have to settle something I left ten years ago…

And it's inside this villag


Part 2 of the story started. As always thank you very much!

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