Chapter 8: Invitation

An unnatural feeling surges through my spine. I have the feeling of continuing will only lead to astray. At the same time, I don’t have any option to chose.

Going back and retreating is not something a knight would do. Even heroes won’t do anything like foolishly retreating in front of an evil presence.

This Witch leak killing intent already after hearing Glenn being a black mage.

The killing intent I sense is off the charts. The bloodlust is more powerful than the demon king.

Currently, I’m hesitating to make even a single step from my position. I turned my head on my back. Clenching my fist and gritted my teeth while feeling helpless.

The frightening feeling of near-death experience still engraves on my head. The traumatizing experience on the demon king castle and the disastrous power of extraterrestrials. After achieving the power of a divine relic. My survival rate in this dungeon was still slim to zero.


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