ERICA'S TRAVEL: The Strangers land

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ERICA'S TRAVEL: The Strangers land

By: @Estyblack CompletedFantasy

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Driven by her loyalty towards the queen, Erica must make the humans pay for their crime; but what happens when everything turns out to be a lie and there is bigger story she never knew about.

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    I really love this book a lot, I think this is my best book so far, thank you meganovel

    2024-02-05 16:19:51
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Chapter one: Riveria
(Riveria) The queen swims into Erica's chamber. Erica quickly bowed before the queen, " Your highness" The queen stretched forth her hand to her and she kissed the back of her hand. " You may stand" The queen said "Your highness looks beautiful everyday" Erica praised "How about you? you are way more beautiful than half sirens at the sea" the queen said making herself comfortable inside the chamber. Bowing down immediately to the queen " I dare not think such thing your highness, am just a mere mermaid" She raised her head with a smile " Your highness remains the best" she praised again and the queen heart was gladdened. "You are the best warrior the siren kingdom has, raising you was the best thing i ever did" the queen said admiring her beautiful famished long finger nails. "I will forever be indebted to you" Erica said " You can pay me back when you complete this mission I will send you to" the queen said as she gestured at her to come closer. Erica quickly swim clo
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Chapter two: The other side
Erica watched her mermaid tail's part from each other forming a human leg. she felt disgusted looking like one of them, she has so much despised the humans. She got up from the sand she had been sitting on after she had crawled out from the river into the wet ground, making an attempt to get up; she fell as she was not used to using feet. " What in the siren name do i have to use this feet's" she retorted She heard laughter from behind followed by some voices murmuring from it " Isn't she being slutty? How can she be sitting there with her bare butt?" one of the women asked. There were five of them who were passing by at the beach side, two women in their thirties, a younger girl of eleven, a young man in his twenties and an elderly man. The elderly man quickly closed the eye of the younger girl "Don't look at her" he said " She must be dying for attention" the elder man said again. Erica turned to look at them, they were stunned by her beauty; her long curly brown hair wavin
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Chapter Three: Hello
Once Oma and Lillian got to the taxi station, Lilian said her goodbyes to Oma before departing from a different direction. Oma entered the taxi and gave the driver her address. Few people also joined her before the taxi driver drove off. When they had gotten half way, Oma felt a body lean closer to her ear " You must be Oma?" Oma quickly turned towards the strange lady who was smiling at her " Excuse me, do I know you?" Oma asked nervously " You don't, but I know you don't want to be late home" Erica said which startled the girl. She quickly shifted herself from Erica and leaned on the door. Ten minutes later when she had silently glanced at Erica, it seems she had dozed off, she signed before reminding the chauffeur that she was almost close to her destination. She paid the driver for her ride and quickly left. Her house was few blocks away, it was a bungalow and one could tell her family was quite rich. "Hello" she heard the strangers voice from behind, when she turned to
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Chapter Four: The Abnormal one
" What the actual fuck!" Oma shouted drawing the attention of everyone inside the classroom. " Oma, you never mentioned you have a beautiful sister" One of the male students said curiously, the other male students made a weird funny expression when he had said that "Sister?" She said in disbelief as she stared at Erica who was just sitting on the chair with her hand placed on the desk " We are distant sisters and none of you are that close to me to know" Oma lied " Well, I believe that because she looks nothing like you" another teased causing the others to burst out in laughter. Oma gave Erica a cold stare before approaching her, she was interrupted by the sudden presence of the class teacher as everyone stood up to greet. Before the teacher could question Erica, she walked out of the class leaving the teacher wondering who she was. " You never mentioned having a distant sister to me" Lilian said to Oma from the back seat. " S... she is just one of the adults from the orpha
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Chapter Five: The man above the law
As soon as the class was over. Oma searched for Erica but there was no trace of her " Where has she gone to?" she wondered It's already time for her to go home and once she leaves, Erica will have to find somewhere else to sleep till next week since it's Friday. " Maybe it's for the best" she assured herself again in happiness, she quickly left after Lilian had joined her downstairs. " You must be lava?" A feminine voice said reaching out her hand to the young man standing across the table with her friends. The young man stood there looking at the beautiful damsel offering to shake his hand for no reason. He was lost in her beauty as his friends who were behind continue to make weird and funny faces at each other. " That's the name on the object" Erica said again exposing her palm for him to see what was inside of it " You dropped it" she said again getting lava back to reality. " Oh, thank you; the name was branded on it by my mother" he said smiling nervously and reaching o
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Chapter Six: Do you dare?
(Riveria) " I wonder what this meeting is all about?" Princess Adunni asked in curiosity " Didn't your mother tell you anything about it? " Amanda asked " The queen never tells me anything, she just gives the order and expect me to do as she says" princess Adunni responded " Let's go to the gathering, the queen demands every merman and mermaids to be present there" Amanda said " I am not going; she probably doesn't want me there" princess Adunni said " You are the future leader of Riveria, the biggest and strongest kingdom among the two other kingdoms; Oceania and Marco " Amanda said " Alright fine, I should be there" she replied. It didn't take up to ten minutes before one of the queen's royal guards comes to inform princess Adunni that the queen requires her presence at the gathering. It really surprised her because the Queen never needed her opinion or presence for anything. When she had gotten to the gathering, she bowed to the queen and the Riverian bowed to her
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Chapter Seven: Matters of the heart
As she had read the messages that was sent by Lilian and her boyfriend Mk, she stood there looking blankly at Erica. " Hi Oma, Let's have a sleepover instead, you said your mum is out on a business trip? it has been long we talked to each other as a friend because of the school test " came Lilian's message " Good pm sweety, you seem to be busy; we haven't talked nor seen each other for almost a week now, can we see tomorrow instead. I will be sending you the address for my birthday party " came Mk's message. Oma looked up at Erica " We have a problem" she said. " What problem?" Oma asked in curiosity Oma briefly explained the message to her hoping she cancels their plan for the sake of her boyfriend at least. " You are going to tell them that you are not available; we have a deal" Erica replied unmoved by those messages " What? Did you not hear what I said? this are important people in my life and tomorrow is special for them" she said " So? they are not worth to cancel
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Chapter Eight: Roses and it's thorn
Before he could make an attempt to approach Erica to know if she was actually real, he was interrupted by the presence of a younger lady " Hi handsome" " Hi..." He responded turning to stare at the brunette. When he had quickly glance backwards, Erica was gone. He signed in disappoint " Am I interrupting something?" She asked " Sorry about this but someone is kind of waiting for me outside" he said showing no interest in her " Oh, wrong timing" she said smiling nervously " So sorry, I will get back to you; that's if you are still here" he said not actually meaning it. " Sure" she said smiling. Lava left without hesitation to look for Erica. (Riveria) The important guests from Oceania and Marco had arrived at the palace of Riveria to win princess Adunni's hands in marriage. The king George of Oceania and his handsome brunette son Prince luca, King Ayata of Marco and his light skin, tall and handsome son Prince Obi. They had come with a lot of gifts, they bowed in respect o
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Chapter Nine: Face to Face
(10 minutes earlier...) Lava rested on the car window looking lost in his own thoughts. his driver makes a U-turn to follow another road because of the hectic traffic on the other road. Lava suddenly recognized the familiar figure standing stranded on the road. He lowered down the car window to see who it was, he recognized her to be Erica who was standing there looking as if she had seen a ghost. " Stop the car!" He shouted why reaching for his umbrella underneath his chair. " But sir..." " I say stop the car!!" He shouted again scaring his driver who quickly stopped the car halfway causing other drivers to sound their horn annoyingly. He quickly ran to Erica placing the umbrella above her head to stop the rain from pouring on her. He walked behind her until he was facing the lady who looks like a stranded cat inside the rain. "L... lava" she called blankly " Come inside the car with me, I will drop you off" he said holding her hand. Erica didn't say any word as she followed
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Chapter Ten: Something fishy going on
Mr. Hansel kept on looking at Erica who was seated on the chair" Which university did you graduated from?" Mr. Hansel curiously asked her" Dad, does it matter? she is good at what she does, I just called her to check on the fishes" lava defended nervously hoping his dad would let it go" I made sure everything is taken care of, so there is no point for that" Mr. Hansel said" Dad, you never can tell, just let me handle this" he told his dad" Since you are already here, we should go together to my public aquarium" Mr. Hansel said as lava staggered a bit" Dad! ... ""If you say so Mr. Hansel" Erica quickly interrupted causing lava to give her a quick stare." Okay, I will be back in a jiffy" he said getting up from the chair" You don't have to do that" Lava said between his teeth" I will be fine as long as you are there " she told him"This is a bad idea" he said quietly not knowing Erica had her own plan.(Riveria)" You are here alone without your guards your majesty" king Ayata
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