Jack Cassidy. Cases

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Jack Cassidy. Cases

By: Mari Angel Pain OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Jack Cassidy. Cases... This book kinda supernatural - Jack, wha was killed when people tries to rob the church, becames the angels messenger. Clarissa Fallen, the witch, who was bitten by the vampire, helps him. They are flying, running, riding around the world. This journeys not for fun. It is work for the balance of the world. Archangel Michael watches the work of them. Sometimes Jack and Clarie win, sometimes loose, because they only think what they are not human. They are more human than they thought...

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Jack's car stopped right in front of the old school building.— Clarissa!—he called out to the witch who had fallen asleep in the backseat of his car.—Here we are near the Blackmore School.—Fallen's headphones were playing melodic death metal, just the kind of music she loved. This put her in a half-sleep-half-trance for a long time.— Claire! Claire!— the man knocked the headphones off the witch, almost hitting her amulet, which protected the many-thousand-year-old girl from the sun.— What the hell Jack? I felt the first two hundred tremors! I have to sleep, I really need it!— she said indignantly.— We're near the Blackmore School, Claire. Get out the car, we'll unpack.— feeling the pain in his heart, the man reached into the glove compartment.There's not much of the quintessence elixir, but it should be enough for now.The main thing is, Jack Cassidy is dead. He's been dead for about fifteen years. A cross was stuck in his heart, he was killed by people who were going to rob the
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Clouds were gathering in the sky.The sky seemed to be planning something unpleasant, the evening weather was so disgusting.Joel Gabriel looked up.Harmful, like the Grinch, drops immediately bypassed the glasses and penetrated between the eyelashes, making it impossible to see.The guy rubbed his eyes with his fingers and blinked, trying to regain his sight.The curls became cold and, like snow, clung to the face.He still hid the glasses in his pocket, fearing their frequent loss, which happens even in normal weather, and now ...the car stalled and therefore had to walk the whole long way.The alarm system faintly blinked after him, as if saying "come back soon!"Rain and no one is around.It is rare when even here it is so lonely. It's even scary...if he get the phone now, he can say goodbye to it forever. And listening to music is not an option right now...Joel quietly hums something, looking forward more often and only occasionally looking around.A sharp slap from behind on
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A thin silhouette was slowly walking towards the house where Jack And Clarissa were staying.He was swaying violently, as if he was about to fall.— Joel!—Clarissa shuddered, clearly feeling the presence.There was a soft, rhythmic knock on the library window.Clary felt her knees tremble.Strange, why would she be afraid of Joel? It's definitely him!A thin silhouette appeared in the window against the background of the moon.— Clary... Clary!— when Joel flew into the house through the window, the vampire witch immediately jumped up and hugged the guy.—Clary, I feel so bad... I'm ready to lose consciousness...—— Joel, Joel! You won't pass out...—Clarissa buried her fingers in his fiery hair.— My beloved...—— Claire, I'm cold...—Joel croaked...—Taking out a blanket, Clarissa hugs her lover, wraps him up and rubs him quickly.— Quiet, my dear... Oh, my God, how icy you are... I'll examine you now, and then I'll try to warm you up...—There were almost no wounds on the body, Clary lo
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They changed cars before leaving the bunker.The car that Jack Cassidy loaded to capacity with a charmed weapon was about three times larger.— Joel, have you ever driven a truck?—Jack asked.— What are you? No... There are no such acquaintances in my life... My life is generally uninteresting...—Joel sighed.— This car has an engine almost like a truck. Take my seat, Joel. You're driving now.—Jack stopped the car.— No, now is not the time to learn to drive...—Joel felt Clarissa's hand.Strangely, the coolness gave confidence.— Joel... It is unknown which of us will stay...—Clarissa buried her face in his hair.— I don't want to lose you so much...—Joel turned and kissed the witch's hand.— Yes. Now...—He went out the door, walked around the car and got into Jack's seat.— Show me what you need.—***It seemed that nothing had changed in the city at all. But at the same time, something was wrong...— Do you feel it, Clary? And you, Joel?—Jack asked.— Something's wrong... I just can't
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The two of them were sitting in a cafe and looking through a stack of newspapers and magazines they had bought.— I don't even know who wrote such articles, psychos or just people with a rich imagination. "A crowd of girls with wings flew out of the woods.—Jack chuckled.— What?—Clarissa clutched a piece of newspaper in her hand.— What did you just say?—— Girls with wings.— despite the fact that Jack Cassidy had a hearty breakfast, he was eating a pie now. But Clarissa 's fright makes his appetite gone.— Burning crows. I know them, believe me, this is not nonsense and not a fantasy. I was one of them.—Clarissa called the waiter and orderedcola.Even head ached from fear.— Give me your laptop, Jack.—Clary took the flashcard pendant from her neck, connected it to her laptop, and entered the password.—Here... Look...—She turned the laptop towards Jack.— Just look at the text document I opened, and don't touch the other files.—The pendant in the form of a pentagram with the sigil of
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In the morning, Julie immediately started packing. "Pack" is even too calmly said.Realizing that no one could see her emotions now, Julie threw her scattered things into her bag, still trying to hold back tears.Logan woke up.— We're leaving, right?—he asked.— Yes. Wake Jack and Clarissa up, and I'll get some fresh air...—Julie jumped out the door, took a cigarette out of the pack and struck a lighter.The igniter painted with runes misfired after misfire.In a rage, Julie threw the lighter on the asphalt and began to cry.— Honey...—Logan looked out.— I noticed since yesterday that something is wrong with you. What did this Clarissa tell you?—— You... Logan, your journey ends. You're going to die soon.— Julianna Morales has never felt such bitter pain.—Logan, we've only been together for a few years...—Julie cried.— It shouldn't end like this...—Three women were on their way to the motel.— Back to the room, Logan!—Julie ordered.— I can help you!—Logan froze on the threshold.
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Brooklyn Mercury took pills before falling asleep, so he didn't see the self-explosion, he only saw the consequences.There was a huge hole next to him, his head was hanging down.Brooklyn stared down in fright, screamed in horror and began to pull himself up on his hands to regain his balance.The heart is pounding painfully against the tight rib cage, breathing can not even out in any way.Now Brooke is scared...— Mercury, get up!— someone is shouting.Brooklyn looks up.— Follow me, Mercury.— says the orderly, pointing a gun at him.— You know you can't kill death with a gun.—Brooklyn says, trying to hide his fear right away.— And you don't even have enough enchanted bullets for me!—— My bullets are made of divine steel.— says the orderly.— They'll kill a bastard like you soundly.—Brooklyn snorted loudly and stood up.— And what will you do?—he asked in a drawl.—There are a lot of cracks, will you throw me down?—— Why throw it off? The management will kill everyone who was sitt
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Julie came in a thin metallic sweater that looked like a fancy sweater.— This... Is this really it?—Clarissa asked.— What a nightmare...—Joel flinched when Clarissa showed him her fist.— Come on, Clary, there's nothing wrong with that. This is a chain mail made of white dragon scales. It is very difficult to create such a defense item, not everyone can tear off the scales of a dragon, not kill it and stay alive herself... And the dragon must accept you. If he does not accept it, the scales immediately crumble and it is impossible to restore it...—***They stepped into the portal one by one.— Are you sure you're ready?—Jack asked when they were on the other side of the portal.— I know what to do, but whether I'm sure or not, what's the difference?—Clarissa said.
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