Chapter 12 Abyssal Abaddons

This time, Manasi is still inside the facility's lab. 

Manasi would not have thought that, while he was inside the facility, there would be a great battle happening at the entrance to the underground city. 

The battle of the Sage guardian beast that has already perfected itself as a war machine of mass destruction vs Abyssal Abaddons that have accumulated many titles over the past millenniums for being a group of psychopaths with twisted minds! A group of savages! Eater of their kinds! A group that should be condemned for eternity!


Sage Desolate Planet.


The S-ranked door leads toward the underground city. It shone brightly as if welcoming anyone who wanted to enter.

At this moment.

A rock could be seen trembling slightly, and then quickly, the rock's trembling intensifies. 

The earth suddenly trembled.

A sound could be heard as if there were thousands of cavalry going to war.


'ROAR!' An earth-shattering roar is heard, as it keeps reverberating through the air.

Then a Homunculus Beast Tiger appeared.

If Manasi were to see this beast, he would realize that the beast that he had killed inside the facility, but this beast was much larger in size, and the size of an adult elephant would be an insult to compare with this beast. 

In fact the largest mammoth would suffice in comparison.

There is a strange thing about this Homunculus Beast Tiger.

It has an extra two limbs in its stomach area. This beast should be called a six-limbed Homunculus Beast Tiger.

This Homunculus Beast Tiger should be considered as the king of the other Homunculus Beast Tigers.

It's body was covered in crimson-colored fur. Several scars could be seen on its muscular body.

It then raised its head proudly. Even though it's a homunculus that has no emotion, its demeanor is still very majestic. 

Every time the Homunculus Beast's tiger claws touched a rock, the claws would glow in crimson light, as the touched rocks would disintegrate.

From behind the Homunculus Beast Tiger King, thousands of smaller Homunculus Beast Tigers appeared as they followed the Beast Tiger King.

They are rushing toward the bright light that leads to the underground city of the facility.

A beast stampede is happening at this very moment. As if intercepting them, an spaceship with a triangle-shape descents toward the Homunculus Beast Tigers, as if intercepting them from going through the entrance of the underground city that leads through the facility.

The triangle ship object is a ship.

This ship is about the size of three football fields, and it is not an exaggeration to say it is like a moving island.

This is the Mother Ship of the Abyssal Abaddons. That was patrolling outside the planet of the Sage.

Ever since they managed to destroy the Sage Race and their planet, they have been here ever since. They were always observing this planet of the Sages. 

Every movement that is happening is being monitored by them. They receive signals from the innumerable beasts that are running toward the bright light.

Abyssal Abaddon already guessed that the bright light is the door that leads to the final underground city. That underground city is the one that they have been looking for forever since they destroyed the Sage planet.

Their true purpose is to retrieve the weapon that they used to destroy the Sage Race. Even they didn't fully comprehend the capabilities of this weapon crystal.

The Abyssal Abbadon already knows the movement of the beast homunculus.

If the Homunculus Beast Tiger is not present, they would have directly entered the underground city.

Even though the Abyssal Abaddons did not mind this mindless beast, the Homunculus Beast Tiger would certainly mind them. 

As they are still the guardian beast of the sage planet, they would protect the sage planet from any kind of threat.

Homunculus Beast Tigers would face an enemy that is much stronger than they are without fear. Even if they are slaughtered by their enemies, their only purpose is to eliminate foreign threats. That is why they are called guardians. 

The Homunculus Beast Tiger has the highest combat in a single battle.

Unfortunately, before they could show their might toward the enemies of the sage, the sages were already extinct. 

But now they have that chance to battle their enemies, as the one who annihilated the sage race is right before their very eyes, the tyrant Abyssal Abaddon of the superior planets.

Inside the Mother Ship of the Abyssal Abaddons.

A three-meter-tall humanoid monster, with metal-plated wings and a scorpion tail, could be seen standing.

This being is an Abyssal Abaddon. He is the highest commander of this Mother Ship.

A thousand Abyssal Abaddons are before him. They are lined up like soldiers ready for war. 

The Abyssal Abaddon has metal-plated wings, a bulging muscular body with a skin of gray, and they are equipped with a breastplate that is covered with runic circles of ancient Hebrew text. 

In each of their arms are two meters of a heavy ax. From a human perspective, it would require two arms for each ax.

The ax burns like lava. Finally, on the top of their heads is a crown that symbolizes a beast with nine heads.

The Twelve Abaddon is the highest command of the Mother Ship. He has the final say here.

He said this with a strong voice.

"The second Bashal has commanded us to retrieve the star-devouring crystal and to eliminate the remaining homunculus beasts! Are you with me?" Twelve Abaddon said, with a voice like thunder.

Likes the Twelve, Abaddon is about to close his speech and proceed to battle.

Suddenly, a hand is raised.

When the other Abyssal Abaddon notices someone raising their hand, they quickly separate from him, as if avoiding a plague.

They did not want anything to do with this guy. The other Abyssal Abaddon thought that this guy was dead for sure. 

Who did not know that the commander was a pity monster and a narrow-minded psychopath? Will, all the Abyssal Abaddon are born psychopaths, at different levels.

With a darkened face, the commander, Abaddon, looks at the Abyssal Abaddon that has raised its hands.

"What is it?" The Twelve Abaddon commander said menacingly while thinking, 'Who would have thought that someone would dare question him, the highest commander of this ship?'

There appeared to be a much younger Abyssal Abaddon than the other Abyssal Abaddon.

This Abyssal Abaddon is the one who has raised his hand. He is being pushed by the other Abyssal Abaddon.

He came near the Abyssal Abaddon Commander and he nervously said.

"t.h.e... D...dragon?"The young Abyssal Abaddon said this while stuttering.

The Abyssal Abaddon Commander did not quite get what the young Abyssal Abaddon said.

The Abyssal Abaddon Commander's facial muscles start to twitch, his already gray face starts to darken deeply. 

 The Abyssal Abaddon Commander clinched its claws like a hand. At this moment, he is very angry about being questioned by his subordinates.

"Imbecile!" While his scorpion tail tensed, the Abyssal Abaddon Commander swung it toward the young Abyssal Abaddon. 

The Abyssal Abaddon Commander's scorpion stinger cut through the air as it pierced the young Abyssal Abaddon's lion-like mouth, and it went through his scalp.

The young Abyssal Abaddon's face froze.

Even in his death, the young Abyssal Abaddon's face is dumbfounded. Why did the commander kill him? He is just reporting something important.

As their tails pierced this oblivious young Abyssal Abaddon, the Twelve Abyssal Abaddons smirked.

When the young Abyssal Abaddon drops dead.

The other older Abyssal Abaddon that is near the young Abyssal Abaddon says.

"Ahem... Commander, I think he just said something about the S-rank metal dragon that we captured," said the older Abyssal Abaddon.


Suddenly, Twelve Abyssal Abaddon realized, he remembered the captured and chained Metal Dragon Homunculus at the top of the mother ship.

The young Abyssal Abaddon has a point when he mentions the captured Metal Dragon. He forgot to mention it, which is why the young Abyssal Abaddon is the one mentioning it.

"Oh...."  The Twelve Abyssal Abaddon realizes his mistake and all he can say to cover up his shame is."He is not a worthy Abyssal Abaddon, but it's better than he died much earlier!" 

Twelve Abyssal Abaddon shouted with conviction, as if what he did was just right.

The other older Abyssal Abaddon did not care. 

From time to time, they would cannibalize their kind, so why would they mind so much when someone is dead? You wouldn't be called Abyssal Abaddon if you were not wicked. 

It's just that all their thoughts are evil. It's a contagious disease.

Then the Abyssal Abaddon Commander asks someone to use the slavery gem on the metal dragon so it can be used in battle.

The Abyssal Abaddon Commander raised both his arms while holding the two axes. He became serious again, then he roared with power!

"For battle!"

The other Abyssal Abaddons also raised their arms in excitement. They also roared like thunder! Their voices sounded like thunder.

"For battle!"


"For Battle!"

"For war!"

"For Battle!"

End of Chapter 12

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