Chapter 2 Tragedy

"What just happened?"

Manasi had a lot of questions. He contemplated for a moment before continuing to eat. 

Suddenly, the room shook. 


Then the tremors started to intensify. 


Manasi's noodles were strewn across the table. The hot water from the noodles almost spilled on him. 

As the tremor grew more dangerous, he suddenly thought of Mr. Dave's words about the destruction of the world. 

He didn't believe it, but since the trembling didn't stop, he started to seriously consider it. The trembling grew stronger and stronger.

He had a feeling of crisis in his heart; he was in danger. He was thinking of going out when suddenly the dust fell from the ceiling. 

The cracks in the wall gradually appeared and continued to spread.

"What is happening?"

He could feel his heart beating faster. His hands are shaking.

"If this situation continues, I will most likely panic." 

His body was getting colder and colder.

He slapped himself on the shoulder to calm himself down. 

If he panics, it will be fatal. He thought of an idea and began to breathe to calm his nerves. 

"It will be alright."




He could hear people screaming and alarms going off, and also a crashing noise of something heavy falling from outside.

He bolted to the window and saw fifty-story buildings collapsing onto the streets below, killing the people below. 

Sweat started dripping from his forehead.

"It won't be long before this building collapses as well." 

He hastily left his room; some people were already evacuating.

"The elevators are fully occupied by now...It is a gamble to use the elevator. Soon there will be a power outage." Manasi said as he frowns.

"I should use the stairway instead."

He darted ahead and saw the entrance to the elevator. Many couples of all ages were hitting on the elevator door. 

Some of the available elevators are already occupied, and some people are pushing their way up. 

Some angry guys even beat up the person that was already in the elevator and dragged him outside to occupy it for themselves.

As Manasi walked through the crowd, he met a couple with children. 

"Hey, let's take the stairs. They lead to the back exit of the building. It is more dangerous to use the elevator during a blackout." Manasi said sincerely. 

But the couple just looked blank. Although the earthquake temporarily subsided, Manasi knew that the earthquake had aftershocks. 

As the shaking intensified, Manasi no longer waited for the couple's response and continued running towards the stairs. 

He hesitated for a moment as he paused. He inhaled a breath and yelled. 

"Guys, this building is about to collapse. Run towards the stairs to escape. This is the only way to survive!" 

This time, he didn't hesitate anymore and ran towards the stairs to escape. 

This was his final advice. Many people hurriedly followed him and ran toward the stairs. 

Many parents ran with their children in their arms. 

The crowd of people is pushing the others.


Someone asked for help as he was pushed down, but those around him ignored his request as they trampled on him. 

Manasi ignored the screams for help, knowing that he had to save himself.

"I've reached the fourth floor."

Without warning, Manasi felt a huge force hit their building, causing the sixth floor to collapse. 

Dust and concrete started to rain down on and crush the people.


A person's leg was pressed against a concrete block. 

He kept screaming. Another person was pushed down by the rushing crowd. 

The situation became more chaotic, with screams of men and women crushed by rubble and crying children who had lost their parents.

When Manasi heard all this, he could only clench his teeth. He knew he could not help them.

 A young man was pushed downstairs. 



Some of them managed to grab the railing and survive, but it was only for a moment. 

The handrails that suspended them began to bend as more people were hanging on them.

Although they called for help, it was to no avail. 

Manasi continued to ignore these events. He knew in his heart that if he had the ability to save them, he would not hesitate. 

But unfortunately, he does not have this ability. He could barely survive on his own. 

"Almost on the third floor."


He strengthened his legs, jumped up on the unoccupied handrail, and managed to climb down to the second floor, with a perfect


"I didn't know I could do something like that."

On the second floor, he yelled at the remaining people. 

"The exit is nearby!!"

Manasi was about to run to the back door of the building when suddenly he heard a familiar voice. 


"Hmm? It's Jorge!" 

Manasi said, and without hesitation, he ran to the voice and found Jorge there. 

His legs were bleeding, and a huge piece of concrete was pressed against them. 

His forehead was bleeding too. 

Jorge couldn't think clearly because when he was evacuating the people in the building, something hit his forehead.

"Jorge, it's okay, I'll bring you out of here!"

Manasi said, determined to help his only friend, Jorge, in this building. 

He looked around and found a metal rod and curtains hanging from the window. 

He bought them for Jorge, and although he was confused, Jorge still cooperated with Manasi. 

Manasi's wrapped Jorge's bleeding legs with curtains, causing him to hiss in pain. Manasi then yanked the concrete with the metal rod.

'Arg!' Jorge cries in pain.

However, as this happened, more and more debris and dust began to fall from the ceiling.

When he finally succeeded in moving the concrete block away, he helped Jorge up and carried him outside. 

"Finally, we're out!"

He finally sees the situation outside. 

Before his very eyes, vehicles collided and exploded, the crying of a mother losing her child.

A father who was turned into paste, people falling from the tall buildings, scattering their flesh. 

It was pure chaos!


A car exploded not far from Manasi. He also found some building personnel and those who managed to escape. 

The repeated tragedy continued as the life faded away.

Some people managed to escape from their buildings only to be hit by the cars. 

'Pant!' 'Pant!'

"I am tired... please help me, someone!" Manasi said while heavily breathing.

The earth is still trembling. He was still carrying Jorge. 

Suddenly, Manasi's knees softened. 

"I can't give up just yet." Manasi said quietly. 

When a crack suddenly appeared in the middle of the road and spread as more cracks appeared, he forced himself to walk away from the cracks.

The cars and people near the crack fell one by one. Some people managed to grab something and didn't fall into the crack. 

During this time, Manasi sat down. He was at his limit, but he didn't let Jorge fall, even though his leg had already given up. 

"My legs...can't... m-move."


Although he wanted to give up, the situation did not allow it. 

When a car recklessly headed in his direction, the driver yelled at him. 

"Get out of the way!" The driver exclaimed.

How could Manasi get out of the way when his legs were already giving up? 

He knew he had reached his limit, but he still had strength in his arms. 

"T-This is it for me, Jorge," Manasi whispered as he pushed Jorge. Just in time, the car hit him.


The driver tried to brake, but it was too late. The car collided with Manasi's left side and shattered his ribs. 

He was thrust into the broken tree.



In pain, Manasi laughed at himself. 

"So t-this is the end for me. If I had k-known this would happen, I would have punched that prodigal son's face."

His blood kept flowing. He looked at his leg. 

They bend 180 degrees in the wrong direction.

His arms, which were originally full of strength, now hang helplessly.

"E-Even my ribs are peeking out... h-hey Buddy, how are you, Mr. Ribs." He jokingly said.


He could feel the heat of his body leaving him, and as his body grew colder and colder, all he could feel was cold. 

"I'm s-still a loser at the end of my life." 

Blood dripped from his mouth. 

He could hear people screaming and roaring in rage, people crashing and dying. 

He could only see and hear them as if death was playing music in his ears. He knew his death was knocking on the door. 

"Death... If I have a chance to change it, I will do it. Lord, just... one" 

Manasi raised his head and saw the gloomy sky.

Although it was still morning, the deep darkness that covered the earth, the cold shadow of tragedy, was a mockery to men.

At a turning point in fate, Manasi watched as the dark clouds dispersed as if the heavens had parted. 

He noticed a whirlpool-like phenomenon in the sky, and space seemed to forcibly break apart, as though Moses was parting the red sea.

Manasi is confused, maybe because of the hallucination, since he is dying. 

Suddenly, he saw a figure in the center of the swirling space.

He couldn't see its lightning-like face because it was too bright.

The humanoid light hovers in the air, seemingly scanning the ground. 

This light in human form flew near him, but strangely enough, no one could feel or see this humanoid light. It was as if it didn't exist. 

When he fainted, the humanoid light entered his body.


 The End Of Chapter 2

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