Chapter 3 System

Manasi's consciousness returned, as he slowly opened his eyes, and he was inside this white room with no chair or decoration, absolutely nothing!


"Where is this place?"

He thought for a moment, then started recalling what had happened.

He was injured because of the car that hit him, so he tried to lift his arm without difficulty.

"Impossible, I'm healed?" Manasi couldn't believe it. He knew how heavily injured he was.

He could move his arms like normal and without a scratch while clenching his fist. 

Unlike when he was hit by the car, almost all of his arm bones were fractured.

"Maybe this is heaven?" Manasi said while trying to move his legs.

He could regularly move his legs, and it's completely healed. He then touched the left side of his body, and it was also healed.

"What the?" Manasi said something was out of place.

He slowly stood up but found his legs just waving like he was in the water. 

He could not feel the ground. He just floated around this white room.

He moved forward, using a swimming motion, and tried to touch the white walls of the room, but no matter how much he moved forward, he could not touch the walls.

"Where is this place?"

He could still remember before he lost consciousness.

'I seemed to see a humanoid light and somehow it entered my body.' Manasi thought while scratching his head. 

Then his face becomes pale. 'Maybe I am being abducted by extraterrestrial beings. That humanoid light is most likely an alien that is invading my planet!' 

No one could fault Manasi for thinking that an alien abducted him. Then how would one explain it? In this kind of situation.

"Hello, aliens or monsters from another planet, can you free me? Please? Why would you want to capture an unloved and useless, insignificant and worthless trash Earthman? If you are thinking of eating me, I taste terrible. "Manasi said this to magnify his inferiority complex.

Suddenly, before Manasi's eyes, a text started to appear.

'& #-@ $#'

Manasi just dumbly looks at the letters in front of him, and it mystifies him. 

'How on earth did these letters appear? Most of this text looks familiar, but I can't understand a single thing from this text.'

But Manasi is reminded of something. 'It looks like old letters that are written on the walls of the pyramids.'


"Right, it's a letter text on the Egyptian pyramid." Manasi sai, while continuing to think.

'Oh! I remember this text. It looks like an ancient text of Hebrew letters, but why would an alien know Hebrew letters? Does it want me to read this text? As for me, I'm completely ignorant.' Manasi though, while he could only scratch his head in frustration.

'At least this alien should display some understandable letters.' 

'Sigh!' He let out a breath.

'Anyone there?... I don't understand what you mean by these Hebrew letters." Manasi said, loudly. 

There was still no response, so he could only jokingly say.

"Can you translate it to English please?" 

Not long after the letters changed, he could even understand it. 

He was dumbfounded. 

'How can this alien understand English? Maybe it's a friendly alien? I was just joking with an unknown being when I said, "Translate it into English."...' He thought that it was just a letter, but he did not think that it would be words. 

He read it.....


"What do you mean, contractor? What on earth is even happening? Can someone help me understand my current situation?" He was confused.

"Hey, what do you mean you're a spirit system?" Manasi continues to ask, even though the situation is quite confusing.

A word appears again.


"...." He was speechless.

'...This Spirit System seriously has an attitude problem.' Manasi thought and could only show a helpless smile.

 Manasi took a deep breath.

''You are the one who abducted me, right? I demand answers!" Manasi shouted.

No reply.....

'Oh, a single word appeared. Maybe it was a "yes" word.' Manasi thought with expectation.

'Nope!' Spirit System

'What the!' Manasi's brows twitched, as he starts to seriously consider things.

'Since the hard way doesn't work, I can only approach it softly. ' Manasi then gave the most approachable and friendly smile he could ever give rise to since birth. 

"Hello alien from another planet, how may I serve you, master?" He said it softly as if he could not break a single glass for life.

'Contractor, you are quite ignorant. Your smiling face sucks. Stop it. It's creepy. ' Spirit System


'His words are quite hurtful. ' Manasi pondered. 

"You said, "contractor," but what do you mean by that? And can you explain to me what is happening right now?"

'I pitied you' Spirit System

"...." Manasi stares blankly.


After a while...

"That all?"

'....Yes.' Spirit System

"You didn't even explain to me why I ended up in this room?" Manasi spoke in a rather serious manner.

'You didn't ask....' Spirit System

A vein pooped out of his forehead.


?" Manasi yelled angrily.

'An Observer Spirit System~.' Spirit System

Manasi helplessly felt annoyed with what was happening. He was on Earth one moment, and now he's in this space with a super irritating system.

'I'm not irritating.' Spirit System

'.....You can even read my thoughts?' Manasi was astonished.

"Can you properly explain to me, Spirit System?''

'No.' Spirit System 

Manasi gritted his teeth as he pulled his hair and shouted.


Five minutes later, he calms down.

"System, how did I end up here? Why would you call me a Contractor?" 

'You become my contractor the moment I merge with your soul when you are dying. To heal your injuries, I had to transfer you into my space. Simply refer to me as [Spirit System] not just [System]." Spirit System

'What's the difference?' Manasi paused, shaking his head.

"Can you help me get out of this space?" 

'Yes, Contractor.' Spirit System

"That's a relief...'' Manasi let out a breath.

"What is the Observer Spirit System's purpose in coming to earth?"

'I don't know, I just ended up on your planet.' Spirit System

"What's your origin?" Manasi said solemnly.'

Why would you ask something I don't know?' Spirit System


Manasi took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.

Moments later, the Spirit System words appeared again. 

'Maybe my purpose is to help your planet.' Spirit System

"What kind of help can the Spirit System do?"

'Observe, Guide, Teleport.' Spirit System

"What do you mean, [Observer] [Guide] [Transport] Spirit System?" Manasi spoke while frowning.

'[Observer] observed everything that was targeted and analyzed its details. [Guide] gives the best recommendation for certain situations (transportation) Transfer to any location.' Spirit System

'.....Wow.' Then I can be overpowered with the help of the system.' He thought to himself.

Manasi asks, "Can you help me get stronger directly?"

'Nope~.' Spirit System


Manasi controlled his emotion.

"Hmm.. Spirit System, please use the [Observer] ability on my planet and tell me what is going on."

'Contractor, I already did [observer] on your planet when I first arrived. I can tell you that your planet is being invaded, or more precisely, colonized.' Spirit System

"By what?" Manasi said, in doubt.

'Contractor, I expect that your planet will be destroyed by an unknown force of the void.' Spirit System

Manasi did not believe that his home planet would be easy to destroy.

'Are you not convinced? What if I told you that the earthquake was merely a byproduct of their impending arrival? (Observer) news: Would you like to open it?' Spirit System  

"Open! I want to know what is happening."

1. A worldwide earthquake that destroyed all of humanity's building structures.

2. The global earthquake death toll is 22% of the world's population.

3. The Global Government Federation is in critical condition.

When Manasi finished reading, he trembled as the spirit system news was very likely true, as he had experienced the earthquake and it is true that it is worldwide.


"Spirit System, please observe a church at this address: XXXX." Manasi spoke in worry.

'Yes, Contractor.' Spirit System

'(Observe) Earth- A group of civilians, members of the church XXXX, are evacuating orphan children to the nearby camp.' Spirit System 

"Spirit System, can you send me a picture of them?" 

'Yes, Contractor, through your thoughts, I can send the images.' Spirit System

As the spirit system finished its words, a vision appeared in Manasi's eyes. 

A group of people was moving out of the church; the haft of its roof was destroyed, and the church leaders were leading the orphaned children toward a temporary camp that they had built. 

Manasi 'sighs' in relief as the church children are doing fine. 

"I thought something bad had happened to them. Fortunately, the church building only has a single floor, so the earthquake only managed to destroy half of its roof."

Manasi thanked the Spirit System. He thought for a moment and asked the system.

"Spirit System, use the [Guide]." 

'Yes, Contractor, using [Guide] you have 3 options available. 

'One is that you can try your luck on Earth. Maybe the invaders will stop invading your planet....

Two. You can live in my space forever without fear of being killed.....

Three. Using the [teleport] system, flee Earth and try your luck on other worlds in order to gain strength....

Manasi became speechless as he doubted the Spirit System.

"The first two are not even a solution, you know?" 

There was a long silence.

"Spirit System, you're saying I have no other choice but to escape. Am I right?" 

'Yes, contractor, I can use [Guide] [Teleport] to transport you to a planet that is beneficial to you, giving you a chance to protect the world while also helping me gather energy to upgrade the system, and more functions will be unlocked. 'Spirit System

Notice: Inform the contractor that the system's energy only has a limited supply. The energy capacity allows for [teleportation] twice. 

'Contractor, cannot use the system recklessly.' Spirit System

'Please take note that you need to find energy for the system, and in return, you can use the system functions. 

As the Spirit System of the Contractor, it is dangerous when you are on another planet without any information. 

'Contractor, it is best if the system is fully charged before teleporting into another world. For now, you can only be teleported for a short trip.' Spirit System

The End of Chapter 3




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