Chapter 21 Return To Earth

The Abyssal Abaddon's Mother Ship starts to slowly collapse and explosions are happening inside and outside the Mother Ship.

Inside the Mother Ship's main engine, below the dim light that is irregularly turning on and off, a naked person with burns on his body could be seen unconscious and in a kneeling position with his head hanging down. 

However, there's something unusual about this person as his left hand is only left with bones that are made of red crystal.

Opposite the naked person, there stood a three-meter-tall humanoid monster with a scorpion tail. 

Because of the dim light, it is now visible that the humanoid monster is dragging a half-dead bloody wolf that has a red crystal on its chest.

Step by step, the humanoid monster stops in front of the naked person.

The humanoid monster turns its head to see the destroyed engine room, the star devouring crystal, and the beast deity heart that stopped pulsing.

The humanoid monster already has a distorted face and is becoming more horrifying. As he spoke, his voice was chilling.

"Human! How dare you destroy our inventions? I will make your race pay for it! "

The naked person slowly opened his tired eyes and slowly lifted his head to see the blackened face of this humanoid monster. 

The naked person is Manasi. He stares straight into this monster's very soul.

Without even bothering about what this monster would do, Manasi smirked a little at him while whispering something only they could hear.

"... I really want to spit on your face, Abaddon..." Manasi

When the Abyssal Abaddon Commander heard what this dying human had said to him, his dark aura inflated.

"Suffer, human!" He slightly bent his body while releasing a deep roar of anger, as his two meters long scorpion tail stinger darted at Manasi's head. 

Just as the scorpion stinger is about to penetrate Manasi's neck. A silvery shield materializes in front of Manasi to block the incoming attack.

But just as the scorpion stinger was about to hit the silvery shield, the abyssal abandon commander sensed the shield. With a slight movement of his scorpion tail, its trajectory curved, targeting the side of Manasi's head.

At this moment, if Manasi were in his peak condition, he would have cursed the abyssal Abaddon for being so conning.

Manasi could only close his eyes while speaking to the spirit system.


'Affirmative.' Spirit System

Just as the Abyssal Abaddon's tail was about to hit Manasi, in just a split second, at the very eyes of the abyssal Abaddon, he could see the human he hated. 

Just as the stinger was about to hit him, he suddenly disappeared.

The Abyssal Abaddon then looks at the space blackly, the wicked smirk on his face completely wiped out. 

He did not even realize that the stinger on his tail was also severed because of the teleportation, and it traveled with Manasi.

"Ahhhhh!!! Humans!" The Abyssal Abaddon While striking at the silvery shield, roared with all his might. But it did not even budge one bit. 

The human had managed to escape, after destroying a hundred years of sacrifice in preserving the deity beast's heart and start devouring crystal.

On the collapsing Mother Ship, only his roars could be heard.

At this moment, the Manasi body paused in the space tunnel. 


Planet Earth 

The 30th day after the great earthquake.

Near the town of Cana, there are river waters.

The black clouds that overcast the skies make the world gloomy as heavy rain keeps pouring down, with no signs of stopping.

The river waters continue to flow, while animals are hiding under the trees. 

The animals took shelter in their small house. On the other hand, a person could be seen laying down beside the river with their bony hands swaying and touching the river.

Because of the heavy rain, the river waters should have increased, but instead of increasing, the river waters are decreasing. 

Manasi, bony crystal fingers shined faintly with blue light. About an hour into Manasi's bony fingers, flesh and veins start to slowly appear.

It is now noon at 3 pm and it's been hours since Manasi landed at this place. On Manasi's left arm, the flesh is already whole while the skin on his right arm has started to regenerate. 

A river snake suddenly appeared near Manasi. It 'hisses!' and slowly starts to slither toward Manasi's left arm.

'Swish!!!' (Sound)

As the river snake was about to bite Manasi's arm, suddenly an arrow pierced the snakehead, pinning it to the rock.

Heavy footsteps could be heard as two figures wearing yellow raincoats could be seen. 

The one with a larger figure is carrying a bow and arrows, while the smaller figure is holding the bigger figure's hand.

They appeared near the snake as the one carrying the bow picked up his arrow that hit the snake, while the snake on the arrow kept struggling. 

The figure with the larger build took out a bag and put the snake inside it.

They then look at the person near the snake.

"Father.... Is he dead?" A female voice could be heard.

A man's voice replied with some hesitation, "If he's alive, we should help him for now." Then he squatted near Manasi, who was naked, and touched his pulses to see if he was alive.

"His breathing faintly, he should be okay," The man's voice said while giving his bag that he put the snake and passing it to his daughter. 

He then grabs Manasi with his right hand to carry him on his shoulder as they walk carefully on the terrain.

They walk rather slowly because the terrain is very wet and slippery. It's very hard to move when they're carrying a person.


A rumble of thunder could be heard in the gloomy sky as the rain kept pouring down heavily on them. 

Finally, after about an hour since the man carried Manasi, they could see a ruined town. 

This town was once a tourist spot for mountain climbers, but now all the houses have collapsed and turned into rubble on the ground.

Many young men and women, as well as elderly people, are only living in makeshift tents that are the residences of this down. 

They know every person in this town, so when they see an unfamiliar face, they immediately suspect it. 

Two figures wearing yellow raincoats could be seen passing by the townspeople. 

The town people in the tents gloomily look at Manasi, who is being carried by two figures wearing raincoats.

The two in the raincoats finally arrived at the small dilapidated tent that had dim light. He then opened the tent. 

Inside the tent are some essentials, a table, and chairs, and on the table, an elderly female could be seen. She was cooking something on the small stove when she heard the opening of the tent. She turned her head to see who it was and called out.

"Ron, Sheila, your back ho..." The elderly female did not finish her word when she saw Ron carrying someone with him.

She said solemnly with a gloomy expression. 

"Ron... Why did you bring a youth? You know the rules, we cannot have the baggage of a person." 

Then Ron silently placed Manasi on the makeshift bed. He did not reply to the elderly female and signal his daughter to pass the bag to the elderly female.

She then put down her raincoat. She looked like she was in her early twenties with wavy black hair, brown eyes, and pale white skin.

She passed the bag to the elderly woman who is her grandmother. Inside the bag was the dead snake.

"Grandma, we can help him for now and make him leave when he wakes up" (Sheila)

"It's okay Sheila I know you just want to help him. " Grandmother

The grandmother just 'sighs' in her heart as their family of three is having a hard time finding food and even the plants are slowly dying out. It did not bother them at first, but soon all the trees were slowly withering. 

The town's farmers couldn't harvest anymore. The government did help them at first, but it did not last long as the situation became critical. Even the livestock had problems.

 The livestock starts to show aggression and some of the livestock become sick or directly die. 

As this is happening, the climate has started to become harsh, such as heavy rainfall. In such a situation, finding something to eat becomes hard.

And it was known to all that the government was not helping them anymore.

Even the government is having a hard time with its internal conflict, and some terrorists are targeting their headquarters.

Sheila's grandmother could only pray in this kind of situation for things to get better. She then looks at Manasi, who is sleeping right now.

Ron has put down his raincoat at this time. He is a middle-aged man with a built-in body and what is striking is the scar on his face. He comes near Manasi and covers Manasi's naked body with a blanket and helps the elderly female cook the snake for them to eat.

After a couple of minutes after the snake soup is ready, the elderly female asks her granddaughter to feed Manasi the snake soup when he wakes up.

At this time, even though Manasi is sleeping soundly, his consciousness is still active and he can hear every movement that is happening around him. Manasi did not know what kind of power this was. 

But he is sure that it has something to do with his strength increasing.

End of Chapter 21

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