Chapter 22 Nations Gathering

The Alliance's Northern Territory

Federation. Island of the Temple of Limino

This island has five mountains with communication towers on it. The island was a famous tourist site before the great earthquake.

Today, it has become a private island of the federal alliances. At the top of the mountain is a majestic mansion.

Many guards patrol the area around the mansion, with heavily armed forces. Even though the weather continued to rain, it didn't bother the guards as they continued their patrol.

At this point, the sounds of the wind being cut could be heard and a helicopter could be seen descending.

On its flag, the name "Nation of De Crusader" could be seen. The helicopter landed safely on the platform. The island guards met with helicopter personnel.

A person who could be seen exiting the helicopter was the president of the Eastern Nation. 

A beautiful lady wearing a military outfit gets off the helicopter while she helps the president with an umbrella.

They then made their way to the mansion as the island guards led the way. 

Soon enough, a helicopter with the flag of a southern nation arrived, followed by a helicopter with a western flag.

One after another, they followed the guards after they landed and entered the mansion.

Inside the heavily guarded stately mansion, four people could be seen entering the main hall with their crew.

At the center of the hall was a round table, where only the most influential people from four great nations were worthy of being present.

It would take fame, power, and wealth just to participate in this gathering. When the most prominent figures in the world gathered, they took their seats.

The meeting officially begins. They start talking about the national crisis they face today. At the round table, one person stood up.

He was a handsome middle-aged man. His hair was blond and his nose was sharp. He had a tall figure and a friendly temperament. This person is the president of the Eastern Nation of De Crusade.

"The last time we had a meeting after the earthquake, we decided to send the representatives of each nation to study the fluctuations in the space of the Pacific Ocean due to the dangers they represent.

It's been almost a week since we lost contact. What are your thoughts on this matter, Empress Shenna Chengdu?" Said the eastern president while tapping his fingers on the table. 

An elegant lady with a seductive body that doesn't match her innocent oval face. She is dressed in a traditional red costume with a phoenix hairpin.

"President Francis Calmano, frankly speaking, when they lose contact with the federation, I think they are already dead. 

You also know that only one of us is capable of doing something like this without anyone noticing, "Empress Shenna said, winking seductively at President Francis.

President Francis understands what Empress Shenna is trying to say. There must be enough perks offered to sabotage the investigation.

He looked around and didn't speak anymore. This time, the Western king of Ez Shamir has addressed a crucial issue.

"We are going to discuss the most pressing problem. Does anyone have a solution for the hazardous vegetation and animals? "The Western King stated.

This pressing issue torments them, and it is the main reason for the gathering, as the creatures are starting to get sick and die while the plants are unable to grow.

There was a long silence.

Suddenly, a burly person with a fierce expression stood up. He came from the southern nation of the Ephron Dragon Empire.

He was Empress Shenna's General. He came from the lineage of the oldest families of practitioners.

"If we don't find a solution on our own, we can only ask the invaders for help," he said with a frown.

When the beefy man announces, the atmosphere in the main room becomes tense.

Eastern President Francis said calmly, "Have you forgotten what the Abyssal Abaddons did to our planet after asking them for help? Do you want history to repeat itself, General Zen Chenglo?"

"It's much better than all of us dying. Remember, we won't last long because of the deluge." General Zen Chenglo stated

A man in his thirties, with an athletic body, wore a golden robe. He has a gentle temper. He raises his hand while the others on the table turn their attention to him. He is the king of Ez Sharim, the western nation.

"I think Pope Lucas Almano has a solution since his been secretly contacted by foreign beings for the sole purpose of prosperity," the western king said sarcastically.

As the Western king stated, all eyes are drawn to this particular figure, an old man in his sixties with a white beard and loose white clothes.

He has the highest authority in the southern nation. He is also the Pope of the Temple of Limino.

Even though the other looks at him with a piercing gaze, he still has a pure smile on his face,

"You must be joking Western King Charles Romeo, inviting foreign beings is the same as leading a wolf in our world. . but yes, there is a solution. " The Pope of Limino revealed there was a solution. The people around him were surprised.

The others then motioned for the Pope to continue speaking, which the Pope then said.

"I would like to invite someone," the Pope said as he narrowed his eyes and signaled his bodyguard to invite someone.

It didn't take long for a person carrying a bag to enter. That person appeared to be in his early thirties. His beard was well-groomed and he had jet black hair with a perfectly shaped nose and black eyes.

He had a very beautiful face that girls would surely envy. He had a tall and slim body. He could be branded as an alpha male in modeling magazines.

When he entered, he gave people the feeling that he was a gentleman. He had a smile formed on his beautiful face.

"Let me introduce myself. I am Bishop Vincent Legous of the Temple of Limino." He said elegantly.

People inside the room just look at him calmly without many reactions.

Then King Charles Romeo said rudely: "Get to the point. Do you have a solution for the current crisis?" 

They were only concerned with solving the current crisis; they had no time for roundabout conversation.

Then Bishop Vincent nodded and put his bag on the round table. Inside the bag were a laptop and a serum that had black liquid inside.

"Excuse me then," he said as he took out the serum.

"Have you heard of the Blackfall Palace?" Bishop Vincent Legous.

"Perhaps you are talking about the biggest contributor to technology advancement, Blackfall Palace?" President Francis said cautiously.

"You are a wise man, President Francis. Well, I am here to represent the Blackfall Palace! " So said Bishop Vincent with a slight smile.

Everyone was surprised because Blackfall Palace was a mysterious organization. Despite years of investigation, they didn't even get any useful information about it.

"We experimented on infected animals to see what the causes of the animals' behavior. 

We discovered that foreign energy had entered the subject's body; we extracted this energy from the animal's body. 

That is why we give this energy the name "Origin energy," as it can change the genetic encoding of an individual without disharmony. This is our experiment. I will show you when the source of energy is first produced. "

He stops talking for a moment, turns on the laptop, and shows them a video of the experimentation. 

A scientist is injecting something into the rats' bodies. The experiment fast-forwards to day five of the experiment.

The rats wake up and their bodies begin to show changes. Its body is enlarged and its fangs lengthen and its claws become longer and metal-like. 

The rat violently scratched the bulletproof glass. It manages to shatter the bulletproof glass, then jumps up, biting the nearby scientist. 

Video recording turns off and switches to another video.

"However, even though the original energy causes harmony in the body, the original energy itself is a violent type of energy. There are pros and cons to everything. The energy is destroyed before it creates... So we changed its name to "Chaos energy," said Bishop Vincent.

This time, the laptop video shows a lion being injected with the serum and a plant before falling asleep. 

The video fast-forwards and the lion's body begins to restore itself, and a little later, it begins to mutate.

The lion's body swells as its size becomes twice as large. Its fur turns golden, while its fangs lengthen. It looked majestic, but this lion did not show violent tendencies, unlike the rat.

Bishop Vincent then closed the laptop and said this while watching everyone frown.

"This serum that we created at the Blackfall palace can balance the violent properties of chaos energy. We named this serum 'Harmony Serum', the key to human evolution, "Bishop Vincent said calmly.

End of Chapter 22

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