Chapter 40 Expanding Land

The sun is shining, the wind blows, the creaking branch, the smooth barrel of water, and a relaxing atmosphere.


The leaves of the violet tree sway, causing the nest of the mutated birds to shake, Chirp, chirp! 

Inside the room, a person could be seen sleeping peacefully. The song of the bird kept him sleeping soundly. 

'Noise!' 'Clatter!'

An increasingly loud noise could be heard. The noise from outside made the sleeping person frown. Not far away, a huge purple tree could be seen. 

Under the shade of the tree, a human raccoon mix could be seen flirting with a beautiful young woman dressed in church garb. 

"You are the light in my eyes, my morning star that shines, but it was just your smile," said the Raccoon Ben sweetly as he winked at the pretty lady. While she giggles at him.

Every time Ben moves a little his belly would also jiggle. The person inside the room is suddenly awakened by the no

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