Chapter 79 Blood Lotus


The prehistoric crocodile carcass was slowly floating toward Manasi as he hurriedly pulled it and, without hesitation, he put it inside the Spirit System's space. 

Since the last upgrade of the system, it has vastly increased the system's space.

Manasi gazed at the deep water. 

Just looking at it made him somewhat reluctant, as he had this strange feeling that every time he saw his reflection in the lake water, he felt the lake itself was also gazing at him. 

Thinking this, he felt his hair was rising.

However, he had to find the plant. 

No matter what, he had no choice but to dive into the lake as it splashed under his weight. He could feel the cold water.

He kept lunging down while holding his breath.

Even though he was an apex transcendent and one short step away from monarch rank, he was still having a hard time holding his breath, as he could feel the increasing coldness as he went deepe

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