Elementals: A New Dawn

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Elementals: A New Dawn

By: Izoraquinn OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Teenagers have had their mentors asend to the afterlife and they are left with a heavy burden to bear-living up to their mentors' achievements. Other forces are in the background, some evil, some good, and some are more powerful than thought. The guardian system awakens and with it, they can level up more efficiently. But what is the secret behind the system? What powers operate in the shadows? Read to find out!

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Chapter 0: Once upon a time
Once upon a time… The Gods ruled in total dominion over the entire earth. They protected the earth from harm and safeguarded every fiber of reality. Be it invasion from demons and creatures of the void, battles between empires which threatened the balance or even petty squabbles caused by a shortage of resources, the Gods put a stop to them. No crime, no war, no prisons- all those stupid enough to commit crimes were killed- only peace, tranquility and prosperity. This period of peace and protection was, however, short-lived. The Gods solved problem after problem until the chief God Zeus saw that humanity had grown weak and complacent, unable to decide their own fate. He had a quarrel with his wife Hera and the other Gods. "we interfere," he said. "with both past and present and future, natural and divine, life and death and the humans can't lead lives of their own and they cannot grow. A child cannot survive with milk for his entire life, he must gradually eat harder food to sustain
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Chapter 1: Asteria
Asteria was basically a planet 11 times the earth in size in another dimension with 1 continent which occupied 3/5's of the planet. It possessed unique flora and fauna. The planet was not created but was moved to a new dimension by the Gods. The Elementals were named by those who still remembered them the 'afti pou mas parakolouthon apo pshia' translated from Greek as 'the ones who watch over us from above'- the guardians for short. The guardians were ruled over by the council of the elder 12. As for the Elementals they were detached from all forms of politics and they devoted their time to making their civilization thrive. They built a city called Zoriah. It had 4 gates at the four main cardinal points. They trained the people they brought to Zoriah in all the arts of combat, magic, technology, science, music and even artistry, as well as interaction with nature. They introduced the flora and fauna from the earth and made them coexist with the Zorian flora and fauna and helped the ne
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Chapter 2: Zoriah
----- A/N Introductory chapter for everyone to know all about Asteria and Zoriah… Enjoy! I'm really sorry for not updating the story regularly. I've had so much work lately. But that said, I promise to do my best. ----- Asteria was a planet about 11 times the size of the earth in another dimension. Asteria's home dimension was a 'special existence' as a result of its high tendency to experience dimensional fissures. Its positioning around these cracks between dimensions resulted in an excess of divine energy, chaos energy, magic energy and basically turning Asteria into a hub of energy and turned the flora and fauna into conduits of energy. Land covered 3/5's of the planet's surface in the form of a single continent. Other small islands also dotted the planet's surface. Ice caps at the poles existed as well. Floating islands littered the sky and normal topical islands dotted the sea. ----- A/N I'll frequently be using flora and fauna for plant and animal life, respectively. Ot
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Chapter 3: Black Void Protocol
In a dark room with 12 seats arranged around a circular table, a voice was heard from the one occupying the largest of the chairs. "Triton and his partners have laid the groundwork, we will only have to guide Zander and his partners towards their destinies." His sentence was followed by profound silence. "Remember," a female voice echoed throughout the room. "no interference, only guidance. This generation is our own successors, we must guide and protect them no matter what. It is our responsibility as gods to make the most powerful and overall suitable leaders for this world in preparation for Chaos's return. This assembly is hereby adjourned." "Indeed," the one on the large chair said. "The black void protocol is hereby invoked." One by one, the participants of the meeting disappeared and when only the person in the large chair was left, he changed into a smaller form, much smaller than the gargantuan forms the meeting participants had. He removed a glass ball from apparently no
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Chapter 4: Subject Name: Tornado….
Zander turned on his speaker and played a very famous yet annoying to his friends song-footloose - and every single one of those in the orphanage looked at him with a completely puzzled look. Eragon and another of the children by name Zain looked at him with a face that said…'not the right time dude!' Noticing the piercing looks directed towards him, he cleared his throat and turned down the volume. "Now that I have everyone's attention, let me ask you this." "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL SITTING BEING PUZZLED ABOUT! EVEN YOU ERAGON. " "Since we were brought to Asteria by the guardians, we have all known a day like this would come. Every day we trained, we studied, we fought. We took on missions, and we went up against literal life-eating monsters. This is the time all our lives have been leading to, so why hesitate?!" As if his eyes had just been opened…. "Hahaha ha…" Eragon laughed in a chaotic manner. "Zander is right. This is the time I've waited for all my life. If the oracle th
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Chapter 5: Analyzing...(I)
"Subject Name: Tornado. 5'7 ft (1.7m), brown chestnut hair, green eyes and thick eyebrows. 18-year-old humans' appearance. Overall stamina, thrice the average guardian. Resident geek and techno-sorcerer. Devoted all his time and research away from the battlefield to inventing several things, both used in everyday life, and most to change the future of warfare. I.Q of 200 -musical talent included. All of his research was first directed towards fortifying the base. He upgraded existing human technology, guardian technology and even the technology of the Gods. He was nicknamed H for Hephaestus. And everyone who came across him had no choice but to agree to that. He was also born with a special case of deafness; He couldn't use his eardrums to hear sound, but his physiology evolved so much so he could feel the manipulate sound. Using that to cure himself would have been the most logical way of things, but he refused and stayed deaf. His reason- listening to Zander's music made his ears h
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Chapter 6: Analyzing...(II)
-——A/NHey guys, this is another chapter delving deep into the identities of the 15 members of the orphanage. Enjoy as you dive deep into the secrets of the past with me. Don't forget to comment on paragraphs, comment on the overall chapter, like in the book. Add to your reading list and share. Drop reviews as well as support.Before going into reading there will be a lot of kineses here as wellAnthropo-kinesis- Control People, like literally making people do what you wantNecro-kinesis- control dead things, as long as they were once living.Lumino-kinesis is also called photo-kinesis----Subject name: Adaunis, height 6'2(1.8m), golden hair coupled with gold eyes. I.Q of 150. Overall stamina 8 times that of the average guardian. Resident pretty boy and the one with the highest musical potential- Divine.Also possessing anthropo-kinesis, although it's limited to how strong the one being controlled is- he can't control someone much stronger than him. Nekro-kinesis, however, is very ef
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Chapter 7: Analyzing…(III)
---- Ferro-kinesis- control over metal Geo-kinesis- control over the earth Terra-kinesis- control over the land ---- Subject name: Artemis. Height 1.75m (5'7ft), blonde hair streaked in black and red, coupled with purple eyes. I. Q value of 140 coupled with stamina 6 times that of the average guardian. The resident big sister of the group and also a 38F. Musical talent-high. Her basic skill set includes being able to density shift certain parts or even her entire body and an almost impossible level of agility. Also has signs of possessing low-level Ferro-kinesis. A swords woman who few can give a hard time during sparring, let alone defeat in a one-on-one, or even two or two battles. Her battle record is 11 on one, in which she won but passed out due to exhaustion after 8 hours of battle. Shown to have a highly tactical mind when it comes to standing against a group of opponents. Her strength is unusually high even among the super-strength class guardians- one of her swords weig
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Chapter 8: Zander's burden
Subject Name: Izora. 1.85M (6'1 ft). Azure green eyes and brown tinted black hair. Overall stamina 8 times that of an average guardian. I. Q of 170 plus. 'Hyper-talented' mage was the only description which did her justice. Her perception and detection abilities are off the charts as well. As part of her bonus abilities, she possesses a special type of shapeshifting- body transfiguration as well as the charm ability. Enormously beautiful such that she was believed to rival or even surpass Athena in beauty and curves further accentuated by the skin tight clothing she liked, which did little to nothing to hide her large F cup breasts. Body transfiguration was a type of shapeshifting where you don't just change the shape of your body, you change the shape of literally everything, excluding your mind, but acquire base instinct related to whatever you have transformed into. That includes muscle memory, primal instinct, survival instinct, and the ability to communicate with others of your k
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Chapter 9: I'll always be there to save you I-Angela
"It all started in 1938..." Zander told his story from before he became a guardian to his first day in Zoriah and by the time he was done, her face had gone through a myriad of several emotions. She was very pissed off and mad at him. However, when he revealed to her, she was one of the kids he had saved back then from kidnappers who were looking to get free child labor in their factories. She, as most guardians, didn't know their past before Zoriah. Traumatic experiences were commonly placed in new guardians and, due to that, they had the experiences mostly sealed or forgotten during their rehabilitation into the Zorian community. they only had some prized belongings and mementos which, by choice, they decided to keep as it held certain significance. Izora had a hairpin that was modeled after a blue Ixora, a semi-tropical evergreen flowering shrub. In Zander's story, he told her about a girl by the name Angela who had been kidnapped from Greenwich. He had found the kidnappers, beat
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