Balance Unlimited System

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Balance Unlimited System

By: Hyagi_0z OngoingSystem

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Matthew Wilson had to die after being crushed by a truck. But suddenly, he found himself in the body of Dominic Rayn. In Matthew's opinion, Dominic Rayn was a brave and honorable man. However, he was just a poor, useless son-in-law who had been betrayed and often targeted for manipulation by the powerful and wealthy people in his life. Living in his way was horrible. Imagine Matthew's life at that time. But the system became preoccupied with Matthew after he came back to life in Dominic Rayn's body. This system, known as Trivia, had an infinite balance and was ready to grant Matthew eternal balance if he successfully completed a scenario. And in Matthew's new existence, Trivia has given him many opportunities to act in a way that will give him infinite balance and show that he is no longer a weak and easily manipulated man or an annoying son-in-law.

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  • Edith Liu


    What an amazing story. Matthew new life is my dream...

    2023-11-11 21:18:34
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01. First Scenario; Unlock Your Unlimited Balance
Matthew Wilson awakened when a water bucket was thrown over his head. He was furious because water had also entered his mouth and nose. He was on his knees when he was unexpectedly shocked, causing him to rise up and wipe the water off his face with his face cloth. This caused his breathing to become difficult for many minutes and his eyesight to become cloudy. Someone who had earlier resprayed him dumped the remaining water from the bucket into his face just as he began recovering his composure. "Why does it make me feel so terrible to watch you kneel like that in front of me?!" A middle-aged guy snapped at Matthew with bulging eyes and a scary stern expression. It was a tall man with a thick mustache and once-black hair that was now almost all white. After splashing Matthew with a bucket of water, he threw the bucket against the wall and the side of the room. The old man was furious. What, though, had agitated him? Not just middle-aged men. Several handsome men were in t
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02. I Got A System With Me But I’m Not The Real Host
$300 was a trifle compared to what Matthew needed for housing and food while hunting for a job. After all, how could someone be so cruel as to throw him out of that enormous and wonderful mansion and then give him only $300?Matthew didn't even blink when he first saw the mansion from behind the three-meter-high fence in front of him. It sat on a massive plot of land, more like a palace than a house, and was guarded by several security guards."This house is so big and looks like a castle, and I'm only given $300 by them ...?" Briana Floss flung money and a suitcase at Matthew, who murmured without pausing to look at the $300 he now held in his hand.Ding!Again, that sounds like it. After engaging with the system several times, Matthew discovered that the chime signified the start of the system's internal speech. And sure enough, a monitor window opened and stood before Matthew.[ Hello, Matthew Wilson. The question box is now open. You can use your gained points to access the availa
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03. Meet An Old Friend
As though the universe had already made fun of him before. Still, Matthew had to handle the driver of the black Pigeot. As Matthew left the opulent home with the three-meter fence, a car almost struck him.Not satisfied with a simple honk. The driver got out and shoved Matthew's corpse, bringing the luggage he clutched."Didn't you hear my car horn?! Are you deaf? Don't you see my car standing here and about to enter?!" The man snapped repeatedly.DingThe system window displayed the person shouting at Matthew in his profile photo. Axel Ruthless was the name of the individual. This man was having an affair with Dominic Rayn's wife, Briana Floss.The system window vanished once more when the information was given, and the guy kicked Matthew."Hey, you piece of trash! Get out of my way!" He snapped. After a while, Matthew ran out of energy. He was unable to continue battling the arrogant man in the same way. He rose up and pulled his bag out of the way of Axel Ruthless."It's good that
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04. Harem Feature is Unlocked
In Florida, there is a well-known and reasonably big bar called The Winshaker Club. But Matthew nevertheless took Anthony to a club. Due to the one million and fifty bucks they received from the system, two women had absolutely stunning bodies and attire.In addition to having attractive bodies, they wore very little clothing, showing off their gorgeous curves and bulges through their ample cleavage, which would lure any male who saw them. Anthony Baskin was overjoyed to possess such stunning bodies.Ding.The computer awarded Matthew 10,000 points for making Anthony Baskin happy as a screen window emerged.The words "Pleasing the Heart" were seen on the screen. Does that mean that if Matthew can win over everyone in his conversation, he will win? Matt paused to think. Just then, Anthony began to ask him the question that was bothering him rather than directly questioning the system after becoming lulled in the presence of the two comfort women."I didn't know you knew I like women an
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05. One Room For The Night
Instead of taking Anthony home, Matthew chose to book a stay at a five-star hotel since Dominic Rayn, unfamiliar with Anthony, was now inside Matthew's body.Once Anthony was brought in and placed in one of the junior suite rooms with the assistance of a receptionist, he intended to leave. The window system suddenly opened again, revealing that Matthew had just been given 2,000 points for aiding Anthony Baskin."Is such a small thing worth a point, Trivia?" Matthew asked the system that introduced itself as Trivia.[ Even small good deeds deserve appreciation, and our appreciation is not always in the form of money but also in the form of points. ] The system answered Matthew's question.Anthony's room door was in front of Matthew, who was still standing in the corridor. This is because he was focusing on the data the system displayed on the screen window regarding his scores, which had climbed to 30,000 points."You told me I could use these points to spin roulette, right?"[ Correct
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06. Home Of Auctions
Matthew received the Presidential Suite from Louise. A room with a lovely ocean view from the side of the glass window, which Louise requested the housekeeping staff to leave open after the cleaning.Matthew was surprised by the opulence of the residence Louise had given him. There were plenty of bottles of wine, snacks, and fresh fruit on the dining table in the kitchen, which was one of the suite's many luxurious features. "You are trying to spoil me with these facilities.""The service you did for me was worthwhile. Enjoy tonight, and I'll take you hunting for an apartment tomorrow.""Thank you very much.""But Rayn, don't you want to retake your business from the Floss family and establish your rightful ownership of the company and the home they currently control? "Thomas nodded. Without a doubt, he meant to keep Dominic Rayn's belongings away from Huggins Floss and his family. In fact, after learning that Dominic Rayn's support and company, as well as the house and all of his p
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07. Become A Membership
" What on earth is this?" Evan Wesker asked the security guards again."He says he knows Mr. Ashen Lee and wants to register as a member of this auction house. But we believe he wants to make trouble in this auction house, sir!" Matthew, whose hands were tied behind his back, could only sigh and then attempt to interfere as the security guard spoke to Evan Wesker.While the security guard was talking to Evan Wesker, Matthew, whose hands were behind his back and handcuffed, could only sigh, then tried to interject."I don't have a black card and a fancy suit like the other members wear, but I have an unlimited balance in my account. You can check it in the wallet I keep in my back pocket."Matthew ordered one of the security guards to take the wallet out of his back pocket. The wallet contained an identity card and the card he had made yesterday. Evan Wesker was astonished by the identity on the identification card in the wallet, not the card itself."Are you Dominic Rayn ...?" Evan We
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08. Acquired A Necklace
Using a pair of binoculars, Matthew began to look at all the items being auctioned that day. He was completely unfamiliar with all the unusual sights. Jewelry, stones, artifacts, paintings, and even a wooden sculpture that looked unattractive to his eyes made Matthew wonder why such ordinary objects would fetch such high prices in an auction house?"I thought rich people were stupid," he muttered. But suddenly, the system's window opened, informing him that all the objects Matthew was reproaching were sought after by the world's collectors but not traded publicly, which was why auction houses were necessary."Really? I can't believe that such things have a price," Matthew said to the system. However, a woman interrupted him from behind, saying that these supposedly worthless objects were precious in the eyes of the rich.Matthew turned around to see who was talking to him. "Hi, do I know you?" Matthew asked spontaneously. "No, you don't. But I know you, Dominic Rayn." The woman repli
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09. The Necklace That Made a Gift
Matthew got a box with the emerald necklace from the auction table. In fact, he even got a certificate of authenticity from Evan Wesker, the head in charge of the auction house. "Congratulations. You are the first to spend so much money tonight on a necklace belonging to a Northern Eurasia noblewoman named Claudia Vanders in 1820. There were only two of these necklaces, which she made very specially for her daughter's second birthday present. But, in 1991, this necklace was found in a jewelry store. We bought and displayed it in the museum for three years, and we sold both, but only one was sold, and today, after thirty-two years, it finally has an owner again." Evan explained something he had already heard when the MC brought the necklace on display, which went up for auction.After hearing Evan Wesker's explanation about the necklace and that the transaction process was completed, Evan left Matthew to hand over the auction items to the other auction winners. Finally, Matthew approa
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10. Little Wishes With Big Paychecks
Matthew walked away from the auction house without even looking back. However, just as he was walking towards the door to find a taxi, his steps were suddenly stopped by a man in a suit. The man seemed to be in a hurry and approached him."Sir! Sir, please wait a moment!" The man called out. "Are you Dominic Rayn, sir?""Yes, what's the matter?""The head of the auction house gave this to me to present to you. Please accept. This is an official invitation for next week's auction. There will be some rare items from the same year the necklace you won was produced. If you wish, please come and enjoy your time at the auction house, sir." The man explained as he handed Matthew an envelope containing an invitation. An official invitation that he seldom got before from a place as luxurious as an auction house."Thank you very much."After giving the official invitation, the man in the suit quickly walked away from Matthew and returned to work. While Matthew continued his steps, leaving the
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