Detached Truth of demon

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Detached Truth of demon

By: The Sinner Of Time OngoingSystem

Language: English

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In his previous life, Sen was a sociopath who accidentally destroyed his world by conducting experiments on centipedes and humans. He then transmigrated into a strange new world where he began his new life as a Beast Killer mercenary ranked at the bottom. Follow his journey as he delves deeper into the pursuit of truth. Please note that the story will be quite dark and there will not be a Mary Sue character. System would awaken later as mc confronts multiple problems.

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28 chapters
It was the summer season, and the month of July had just begun.In a small corner of the world, a boy was reading a piece of paper on which the sacrifices of revolutionaries and songs of freedom were being celebrated.The boy was lost in thought, questioning himself, "If the invaders had not invaded our country, would they still be as prosperous as they are now?"However, he couldn't bring himself to ask this question, as he feared that countless people would label him as an "ungrateful traitor."From his perspective, he always believed that without plundering, a country cannot thrive better in comparison to others.Even a country with sufficient resources can be ruled, but it cannot flourish. Its blooming rate would be countless times slower in contrast to other countries.During times of famine, morals and ethics disappear like a shooting star. Hunger is a sensation that can even compel mothers, who can face their own demise without regret, to devour their own newborns.As a wise on
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Sound of footsteps could be heard as it got closer and closer.Sen could decipher the number of the people by listening to the footsteps."I must say you are as scary as i thought you would be." Ves said calmly while wearing small smile on his face.Sen glanced at him and stared at three people behind him,"May i know what business do you have with me?."Sen asked Ves as he played with his fingers behind his back.Both two stared at each other for some time, Ves took a step back and picked a little branch from ground and started playing with it."Well,Do you remember you punched a guy two yrs ago?"Ves smiled again while staring into the eyes of Sen and said meaningfully."No."Sen replied."I knew it, You are a crazy emotionless motherfucker, you don't even remember someone who you sent into hospital just two years ago.He was my friend and i am here to take revenge for him."Ves put away his smile and a solemn somewhat an angry expression appeared on his rough face."A dog with no tail
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He wanted lot of centipedes like special one since he wanted to feel this specific type of energy which required a stronger eruption of signal.In present situation, the energy which he felt was feeble.It was as this world was trying to suppress it's presence and couldn't let it explode with momentum, so he needed a burst of vast energy.The chances were very dim because the more centipede produced the signal, the more weaker it became.Sen was quite worried about this energy issue.He tried to feed it waste products which had strong nuclear radiation in it but nothing happened.So Sen knew that this was an exceptional case, it didn't happen just because of the nuclear energy, there were some more factors who played vital roles in it.That's why,He made them fight each other so that strongest one would survive and weak one would perish.He put all of them into a big tub and instructed them to fight by using his essence energy, centipedes started exploding with essence and began to
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Sen was confused but he didn't pay much attention to that man.He didn't even know why that man was so upset, he killed him because he thought it was too dangerous to let anyone know about his essence.Especially in this world which was oozing supernaturalness.He then picked up the card left by the middle aged man and used his essence radiation to turn the corpse into nothing.At this moment,Moon light suddenly disappeared and strange kind of depressing environment spread out unrolled.Sen felt tingles under his scalp.Run!Run!He started running towards city without caring about anything, as it felt something terrifying was unfolding.He saw a man peeing but he didn't even dare to say anything but man heard his running noise.The old man peeked towards opposite direction of the city, he directly stopped pissing and started running towards city as well.Sen felt aura of dangerous feeling getting stronger, he threw essence energy blast towards old while running.The old man's eyes wid
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The path yet to be invented
"Aye!""You take care of the roads today,There was this fucking retard who didn't complete the task".Dhup!Sen woke up after getting kicked in his ass by someone, he scanned his surroundings and found himself in very old looking place.Night's memory once again surged into his mind as he let out a muffled groan because of headache."Can't you fucking do anything you shitty piece of pleb?"A brawny middle aged man scolded him with loud voice,Sen was confused at first then he nodded his head."What?",The middle aged man was bewildered since Sen accepted that he can't do anything.Sen took his towel, strolled out of the room while ignoring the middle aged man in the room.He asked for direction then entered into washroom.The middle aged man stood there dumbfounded then an extreme sense of humiliation made him tremble,"These fucking servants don't even care about me, i will beat them into submission one day."Sen did his daily task and went to his room, the brawny man was already gone.H
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Sen walked in alley for some time until he arrived at a place which gave the impression of being isolated from everything.Sup!Sup!He started turning the pages one after another in narrow alley while a pondering look appeared on his face.After reading half of the content of book, he heard the sound of footsteps.Thup!Thup!Judging by the sound,There seemed to be more than two men.As the footsteps got closer,Sen put the book away in his pocket and looked in the direction of footsteps."I say Charles, you were just using brute force to eliminate those thieves."A voice of a woman full of teasing reached in the ear of Sen in dark valley."Hey,What do you know?If i didn't use the brute force, you would have been lying on the bed instead of teasing me here.",A man's deep voice resonated in the air."Cut it out, both of you two!We still can't find that assassin due to lack of evidences, we have to complete the task before deadline."Another voice made it's way through the air to the ear
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The Warrior
Listening this proposal, Sen didn't reply at once.He inspected potion with fiery gaze.After carefully analyzing the potion, Sen concluded that it was safe for consumption.He took a deep breath, "If you can increase the amount further, I would consider joining your team."Everyone gazed at Caterina looking for answer but Caterina pointed her finger towards Sen, "I can but you have to choose the warrior class in the guild."Luther and Isabell nodded their heads, clearly agreeing with her demand.Sen shook the potion bottle and gulped it one go under their stare, and then wiped his mouth with a clean hanky."Glad to be on board.What's our first mission?"Caterina beamed as Sen released Isabell from his grasp."Well, Our first task is to go and report the failure of this mission today." Luther said as he took out a good sword from his bag."Okay,Let's go and report to the guild then," Sen smiled.Everyone adjusted their appearance while Isabell walked with Caterina as they walked tow
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An arrow, snaking through the air, pierced the horses' legs, causing them to grimace in pain as they struggled to move forward.Shut!Thundering whips fell on the horses' backs, causing their entire bodies to shudder as they strained to increase the speed of the carriage by driving their legs into the ground.Shut!Shut!In a desperate move, Luther relentlessly whipped the horses multiple times while wielding his saber, sending it spinning through the air in a wave-like motion to deflect the incoming arrows.Thuk!Thuk!The horses ran towards the guild at full speed, their backs red from the continuous whipping.Suddenly, a massive sword emerged in the sky, blocking the spinning saber's straight path and creating waves of crimson energy that melted the incoming arrows.Ommm!The massive golden sword appeared to pierce the sky, barreling its way towards the red saber as if to challenge it directly.Clang!Suddenly, Luther felt a massive jolt in his body, causing him to look back with ala
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The Beast
Thug! Thug!In vast plane with noting in the sight, a horse was pulling a carriage attached to it. At the slow speed, it was pushing the ground with its all force.Thump!As if it couldn't pull anymore, the horse fell on the ground and neighed.But nobody could hear its pitiful soul wrenching cry as it slowly lost it's miserable life.Sup!A voice was heard in the back of the carriage as a young man steadily opened his eyes, scanning the environment around him with his lifeless eyes."Where am I?" The young man put his right hand on the back of his head and saw people lying beside him."I joined the mercenary group after fighting with them,"When he used his lower body power to stand, he felt stinging pain in his back and abdomen."Ahhh!"He softly let out a muffled groan as he placed his right hand on his stomach."Someone ambushed us when we were preparing for departure to the guild,"He searched around for water bottle as he struggled to recover his memory fragments."Then i rememb
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The Night
Om!The environment around him changed drastically, making the void tremble as if something forbidden was born."What?"The pink liquid inside his body moved towards his heart with rapid speed, Sen felt danger by instinct as it moved towards his heart.The pink liquid became more and more hot alarming his whole body while he tried to move his essence, but essence remained unmoved.Cut!Sen stopped eating the beast and cut his skin in big chunk directly severing the connection between pink liquid and his body.Shh!A bug which looked like bee evaporated when pink liquid fell on it, and Sen involuntarily trembled as he thought of consequence if he couldn't cut his skin away on right time.Sigh!He let out a sigh in relief and watched the beast lying there with no life in his eyes, he looked at quivering pink liquid in its nose and pondered about it.He also warned himself that trusting the essence completely could be life threatening and he shouldn't rush without information about stuff
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