Eating Souls In Another World

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Eating Souls In Another World

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The modern world only seeks to shackle the strong binding them with chain like rules, all so the weak can have a chance to survive. Drake Brand is a normal seventeen year old studying hard for his university entrance exam. One day his entire life is thrown into chaos when an encounter with a mysterious shadow ended with him being transported to a different dimension. With getting home as his prime goal he sets out to explore the world of Hunters, Magical Beasts and Souls. However the temptation to let go only grew as his mind is liberated from the confines of the modern world.


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186 chapters
I don’t know how I ended up like this.No, I know precisely how I ended up like this. I just find it hard to believe. I had just placed my pen down after finishing my studies and was about to get some well deserved rest. Since I had already brushed my teeth, I turned off the lights headed to my bed. I was about to close my exhausted, heavy eyelids when I noticed something strange in the corner of my room. A shadow much darker than the darkness of my surroundings. By this age I was no longer afraid of sleeping with the lights off, even so I couldn’t stop it from bothering me. I got up and used my phone’s flashlight to see what’s there, however there was nothing.Read more
Chapter 01
Throwing the unconscious intruder into a crudely made prison cell, the disciples quickly left to resume whatever ritual they had gathered for. The tunnel went dark as the light from their simple oil lamps followed them and since they never bothered to look behind no one noticed the yellow eyes gleaming in the darkness of the cell.“How cruel…” the shadow murmured. “They didn’t have to be so rough…”The shadow extended forming what vaguely resembled a hand. Once the darkness settled, a faint green light began emitting from it gradually enveloping the restrained young man. A few seconds later the bruises from the beating he got slowly faded.Though he wanted to heal him back to health, the faint sound of footsteps heading i
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Chapter 02
[DIMENSIONAL RIFT DETECTED.][Scanning for the cause.][…][Failure to identify the cause.][Dimensional rift closed.][Scanning for damage caused by dimensional rift  000 134 199 304 943.][…][No damage detected.][Scanning for casualties caused by dimensional rift 000 134 199 304 943.][…][Casualties detected: 01.][Identifying casualties.][Intelligent biological lifeform.
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Chapter 03
 It wasn’t too difficult to guess that the men in black weren’t careless enough to not lock the cell which could only mean one thing, someone is trying to help him escape. Whoever it is, they came here, cut the ropes tying his arms and left the cell open before leaving. But if that was really the case why didn’t they wake him up? Is it because this is all the help they could offer him? This place is filled with cultists. He couldn’t imagine what the black cloaks would do if they discover that one of them is helping a prisoner escape.Guess I’m on my own from this point... He has to move quickly before they come to check on him and discover what was going on. He didn’t have enough time to come up
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Chapter 04
As the cultist led the other prisoner his way Drake found himself with two choices; either he escapes to the tunnel opposite to the one they were in or return to his cell. Thinking fast he picked the later realizing how things would go the moment the cultist finds out he wasn’t where they left him.Drake climbed back into his cage and closed it careful not to make any sound. He then laid on his side and hid his arms behind his back pretending that they’re still tied.Seeing the orange glow drawing closer he shut my eyes and played dead praying that the cultist doesn’t notice anything.Even with his eyes closed Drake could still see the miniature map in the corner of his vision. When he focused for a few seconds it expended showing the entire area
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Chapter 05
Drake’s conversation with the other prisoner provided him with some useful information, however that alone didn’t increase the odds of his escape being safe.He tried to summarize what he learned to get his thoughts into order. The place that shadow had taken him to is a series of tunnels inside a mountain called Icewyrm. Drake had never heard of such location and since the name sound like it’s something out of a fantasy the hypothesis of him being in a game or a completely different world started to become more believable. Though he still refused to accept it. Putting aside how unrealistic things sounded, Drake realized that the likelihood of anyone coming to their rescue was null. If one were to assume that the nearest community, the one the guy below him came from, is really six hours away, even if they send someone out to look for hi
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Chapter 06
[SYSTEM NOTIFICATION][Rollo has joined your party][Quest: 《Escape mount Icewyrm (SS)》 has been generated. ][《Escape mount Icewyrm (SS)》:You have been captured by the disciples of Eternal Darkness. Only certain death awaits you if you fail to escape.▪︎OBJECTIVE: Escape from the church of Eternal Darkness together with Rollo.▪︎Clear conditions:•Reach the forest at the base of mount Icewyrm. •Rollo's survival.▪︎Clear rewards: •Increase chances of survival.<
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Chapter 07
A couple of minutes later Drake and Rollo found an opening in the wall that was clearly man made. Everything was silent so they peeked inside out of curiosity. As it turned out the opening led to a wide room illuminated by something in the corner. Several long boxes were placed around and looking inside the one right beside the entrance Drake realized they were filled with straw.“Are those… beds?” Rollo whispered.The wooden boxes were a simple type of furniture. Since so many of them were placed around Drake guessed that room was a shared sleeping quarters for the black cloaks.The two found several more similar rooms as they continued on. All of them were empty with the residents being away for some reason.Read more
Chapter 08
Drake Brand.“Are those Beast Souls?”“Beast souls?”I couldn’t help repeating after Rollo as we both stared at the contents of the strange little box. Inside were three fist sized orbs glowing with different colors; one blue, one red and one black. They looked like balls of flames pulsating and quivering and from the looks of it they were floating slightly above the bottom of the box.“Drake…” shifting my way, Rollo placed his hands on my shoulders and said with an extremely serious look “Let’s eat them!”“… What?”I glanced over at the strange will-o’-wisp li
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Chapter 09
Drake Brand.I checked the other two orbs. The red one said it was a [Beast soul (S): Baby Salamander] while the other one is [Beast soul (SSS): Baby Night Wing]“Hey…” staring at the black colored will-o'-wisp I asked my red haired companion. “From what you said, the soul of an S tier infant beast is more valuable than that of the more powerful fully matured version, right?”“Yes…” Rollo replied, turning to the soul box. “What if the soul of the infant is an SSS tier?”The reply came a few seconds late this time. Rollo let out a weak chuckle and patted my shoulder a few times. This guy doesn’t know what the words personal space mean.Read more