[ETOEB1//15//] Setbacks Draw

Chapter 15

Setbacks Draw

Third POV: Ricky and Sandra

"How come you live under here?" asked Sandra.

"If I were to answer your question, I am an outcast," Amarra responded.

She then opened the door and entered her home and started packing.

"You see that place over there? That is the Ministry of Encrest. I always wanted to join the Academy..." She pointed her finger out the window to indicate where she was saying.

"But anyway, too bad we ain't staying here for long. I forgot something to bring with me," added Amarra while forcefully pushing some of the items in her bag and satchel to fit in.

"We just got here, why are we leaving too soon?" asked Ricky.

"I'm setting out on an adventure," Amarra replied.

"That sounds fun! I love adventures, too! Can we come?!" Ricky gasped in excitement. His eyes were brimming with enthusiasm after hearing the word 'adventure'.

"I am sorry, but I will take you back to where you

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