[ETOEB1//21//] The Houppelande Lady

Chapter 21

The Houppelande Lady

Third (Main) POV:

Raven climbed to the edge of the cliff while the vines evoked by Krystelle lifted her effortlessly. Carter was still within reach of the monster and resisted to emerge from the beast's hands, but it was very tight.

He was stuck, as if he had been poured with dried cement on its whole body. The beast felt their approach and immediately drilled a hole in the walls, taking Carter with him inside.

"Shoot, it got away," said Raven with a faint glimmer of disappointment. They kept following wherever the hole was leading them.

At the end of it, there was a light and Krystelle was certain that the beast brought them to the place where Perry Frost flower might be found.

There was a large Perry Frost Pine firmly standing in the centre, but its Perry Winkle-coloured leaves and some of its remaining flowers were starting to dry and wither.

"Oh no..." Krystelle gasped. But as Krystelle turned

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