[ETOEB1//20//] The Search for Perry Frost Flower

Chapter 20:

The Search for Perry Frost Flower

Third (Main) POV:

They were walking in the midst of the forest and they were caught by dusk. Two of the suns were setting and the pink and orange landscape of the sunset were engulfed by the mounting darkness.

Raven brought and handed Carter and Krystelle a few extra torches and lit them with his bare hands.

It was their only source of light, and only a small portion of light from the moon was passing through the foliage, which was barely enough for them to see through the dim forest.

"Uhm, where exactly are we going?" I curiously asked Carter.

We're going the opposite way. South is this way, Duh!" stated Krystelle with a boastful tone and manner.

"Trust me. I know where I'm going," Raven said.

They traveled further into the depths of the dark with only their small torches lit until they found a strange bush and then they stopped walking.

Raven pushed the broad shrub s

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