[ETOEB1//34//] Raven's Reminisce

Chapter 34

Raven's Reminisce

Raven's POV:




After the background scenery was finally built into its structure and form, I immediately summoned my Grimoire and cast a spell to locate the Scroll.

We were on the shore, the seaside of the battleground. I felt the purple-mauve sand touching my feet.

I don't know why I even got paired with this silent weirdo freak. I wouldn't be bothered if it was either Krys or Carter, but with Perseus!?

"Hey, Speech Impaired." I got her attention as he was busy making sand castles.

He swung his head and looked at me with his pure, innocent eyes. He raised his eyes and said, "Yes?"

What's with all these weird looks he's giving?

"We already located where the scroll is hidden, so lift your ass and let's get going." I ordered it.

"Okay," he bluntly replied, then turned his head back again to the unfinished sand castle as he continued to build it.


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