[ETOEB1//33//] The Twin Elves

Chapter 33

The Twin Elves

Krystelle's POV:

I got up from my where I was lying on the stone cold ground and asked them "Where am I? Where's Yosora!?"

I suddenly remembered the test. I looked at the holographic digital clock above us and saw the time. 

Shit! We only have about a less than twenty-four hours to complete the task.

I had no fucking Idea what was going on and that the previous memory I can recall was that I fought a beast I couldn't defeat and then everything went pitch-black.

I can't loose here! I have to find my partner and win this test! Or else-

"Hey, Relax Ensorcell, You look stressed," the guy inferred.

"Vrax, if I wasn't mistaken? Did I hear it right?" I confirmed what I had just heard from their conversation a while ago.

"Yes! And this is my twin, Trax!" Vrax enthusiastically introduced his twin to me. Trax seemed calm and silent.

They both shared the same facial expression, the same

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