[ETOEB1//42//] Misleading Victory

Chapter 42

Misleading Victory

Third POV:

Everyone were formed into a battle position. Templar infantries were at the front, Archers and clerics were at the back, Cavaliers were on the flanks. The shadow wrights armies howled in anger and Zanack ordered his minions to charge and show no mercy in the name of the Dark Lord.

The Shadow Wrights mindlessly charge towards their enemy. But unlike last time the same strategy won't work because of the big threat's presence was in the battlefield - and it was Zanack himself.

The Shadow Wrights clashed into the templar lines but they were continuously dying from the holy spears, barrage of holy arrows and bombardment.

However, Zanack charged towards the templar lines and munched some of the weapons, destroying everything  in his sight in order for the templars to not use it against him.

He even devoured all of the knights, templars, some clerics and cavaliers that were blocking his way. Captain

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