[ETOEB1//43//] The Tribe Clans

Chapter 43

The Tribe Clans

Dark Side's POV:

"Looks like they have managed to find out and killed your little minion, My Dark Lord." One of the minons of minions of Dark Lord stated his findings about what he sought from the battle.

"Let them celebrate their triumph for now as they haven't tasted yet the wrath of the Dark Lord Magician. That is not yet the end of their tribulations..." The Dark Lord mercilessly stabbed the human head that was laid on the floor filled with decayed remnants of flesh using his wizard staff.

"That is only just the beggining of their excuriation! They still haven't encountered my Seven Greatest Demon Shadow Wrights yet..." The Dark Lord hissed and skiddled a wicked laugh.

Thr full moon was shining bright in thr dim sky. His soft to a loud and evil laughter echoed and wrapped the whole kingdom. Large flock of dark birds, crows and bats flew out of the thick black foliage of the withered forest trees which made the king

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