Act 10

(Next morning.)

"Leo.Leo.Leo, wake up."

"Hmm, Aunt Lily?"

"I told you that we were going to the market yesterday."

"So go and wash yourself." Oh, and don't worry, I will feed milk to the baby.

"Alright." I scratch my head lazily.

"Leo, you still did not tell us the baby's name." Aunt Lily asked while picking up the baby from the mattress.

"Oh, it's Luna. Her name is Luna."

"Oh my, what a coincidence! Your, mine and the baby's names all start with "L," huh? Hehe~."

"I guess so!"

"Anyway, Leo, go and wash. You will find David and Kai on the riverside bathing.

"Okay!!" After saying that, I got up and was about to head out when Aunt Lily called me again.

"Leo, what are those?" I look in the direction Aunt Lily is pointing.

"Oh, those are the magical beast's eggs that I told you about yesterday."

"Hmm, yeah, you said that you found a magical beast and its eggs. So that's what the magical beast's eggs look like, huh?

"Aunt Lily will take care of them too while I'm taking a bath."

"Yeah, I can do that!"

"Thank you!!" I bowed toward Aunt Lily.

"Hehe, it's nothing. You don't have to be so formal."

"O-Okay".After that, I went outside where Uncle David and Kai were.

"Oh, you woke up?"

"Yeah, good morning, uncle David, and Kai."

"Haha, morning, morning."

"Morning, big buwader Leo."

"Come join us, we are about to swim in the river." Uncle David invited me.

"O-okay!!" and I did not reject his offer.


After bathing and drying ourselves, we went inside the house.

"You guys are back. Breakfast is ready, so why don't you guys dig in?"

"What perfect timing!"

"Yeah, I'm a hungry mama."

"So sit down and eat up you to Leo."

"Okay!!". While saying that, we all sat down and ate the food that Aunt Lilly made for us.

The food was quite delicious...I did not have this kind of food after leaving the demon kingdom, even though the food was not luxurious but still quite satisfying to eat.

"So after eating breakfast we all will go to the market... okay."

"Okay!!." Uncle David and Kai both agreed with Aunt Lily, and I just nodded my head in answer.


"Are you guys ready to head out?" Aunt Lily, who's carrying Luna on her arm, asked.

"Yes, we are!" Uncle David replied.

"Now then, let's go." 

After that, we all went to the market. This was my first time coming to the market. Even in the demon kingdom, I never went to the market. I didn't need to go. Every shopping that was done was done by a servant, so we didn't need to go.

But this time it was different... I was learning lots of things while in a market with Aunt Lily and others.

It was so enjoyable... after losing my parents, I never had this much joy...

Even though I'm just a stranger to them, they are taking good care of me and the baby. They even buy lots of baby toys and clothes for Luna and me, and we did lots of fun things at the market.


(A week later)

And in the blink of an eye, a week passed... The days I spent with Aunt Lily, Uncle David, and Kai were so much fun. I never thought that I would spend this much time with them.

My world has changed after meeting and living with them, but every good thing will come to an end one day. There is no peace and happiness in this world.

In a forest near the village, I came to do some training. I hadn't done any training after coming to this village, and Kai also tagged along with me. I left Luna and the eggs in Aunt Lily's care.

I'm doing the usual training that big brother Luther taught me...

Even though aunt Lily and uncle David saw the sword with me in our first encounter, they did not ask anything about the sword, like why a five-year-old kid was carrying a sword on his wrist; they did not ask me questions like this; they just ignored it.

While I was training, Kai was just sitting on a big boulder and watching me.

"Hmm, big buwader, will you teach me how to wield a sword like you?"

"What you wanna learn about swordsmanship?"

"Yes, will you teach me?"

"Well, I can teach you, but first, we have to ask your mother and father if they will allow you to learn swordsmanship or not, and if they don't have any objections, then I will teach." It won't hurt me if I teach him some swordsmanship.

"So let's go back for now... and when I have time, I will ask Aunt Lily and Uncle David about this, okay?" While I was saying that, I patted Kai's head.

"Okay!!". Kai raises his hand in the air with a sweet smile.

And after that, we returned to the village and went straight to the kai's house. 

"Hmm, where are Aunt Lily and Uncle David?" When we went home, I did not see any of them.

"Mama. Papa. Where are you? We are back." Kai called his parents, but there was no response.


After a few moments of silence, I heard Luna crying. And when I followed the voice, I found her in the box that was on the floor, and the floor was covered with lots of Aunt Lily and Uncle David's clothes.


After seeing Luna and the magical beast eggs on the box, I picked up Luna and put the eggs inside my clothes.

"Why are Luna and Eggs in the Box... and where are Aunt Lily and Uncle David?"

"Big buwader, where are mama and papa?" When I looked at Kai, his eyes were filled with tears.

"Don't worry, Kai, I think your mama and papa went to market. So don't worry, they will come back soon." I tried to console Kai, who was about to cry.

Even if they went to the market, why did they leave the baby and the eggs in the box?

From the looks of it, it looks like they are trying to hide them.

"No, don't tell me!" I ran out of the house while carrying Luna.

"Big buwder, where are you going?"

"You stay right there. I will come back."

I left Kai in the house and went around to look for Aunt Lily and Uncle David.

"Pl...please...not them too. "I don't want that. Please."

When I went to the riverside, I was speechless.

"NOOOOOOO!" I yelled out.

To be continued...

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