Act 11

"No, no, no, it can't be." When I went to Riverside, I saw blood everywhere and two people lying down on the ground.

I do not want to believe what I am seeing in front of me. I was frozen at the sight that was in front of me. I went blank. My whole world started to crumble slowly. I feel so heavy in my chest.

"Big buwader, what happened? Why did you yell like... "?"

"Mama...papa..." Kai's scream snaps me.

When I look at Kai, I see that he ran at the people that were lying on the ground.

"No. Mama. Papa. What happened?" Kai sobbed, holding his mother's hands.

"Hehe..don't..don't's all right.. Mama...and papa... is fine."

"No, you two are... not fine. You are bleeding."

"Big. "Big buwader please... help my... mama and papa," Kai said, and when he said that, my eyes filled with tears.

I walked toward Kai and the people who were lying on the ground. And when I saw Aunt Lilly and Uncle David covered in blood, tears started to fall from my eyes.

"Oh, you found.... your sister, huh! "Is she alright?"

"Yeah.. she is fine." I sat down next to Aunt Lily and Uncle David.

"That's good... I'm sorry, Luna. I put you inside the box. You must be suffocated in there. Please forgive this aunt". Aunt Lily patted Luna's head with her hand, which was covered in blood.

"Leo, come.... here. I have a favor to ask." Uncle David called me in a low voice. And I look at him with tears in my eyes.

"Please, take Kai with you... "I know it's selfish of me to ask this, but please, take him with you. He will be in danger if he lives in this village."

"Yeah, Leo, please take Kai with you. We don't think we're going to make it alive. Please do this for us." Aunt Lily garbed my hand.

"Stop it, both of you. Don't say ...things like this. "I don't want to lose you guys too, so please don't leave." I cried out loud.

"Hehe, Leo, don't cry. We will always be by your side. Even if you both can't see each other, we will be watching over you both from another side."

"No, I don't want you guys to leave me and Kai all alone."

"How can you guys leave your own son in the demon's hands?"


"What do you mean, Leo?"

"To tell the truth... I explained everything that happened to me in the demon kingdom, how I met Luna while I was traveling, and everything else.

"Sorry for hiding all this. Aunt Lily and Uncle David."

"It's fine even if you are a demon prince. You are a good kid. Your mother and father raised you well. "I don't have to worry about Kai if he is with you. Even though Luna is not your real sister, you are taking good care of her, so I trust you that you will take good care of Kai as well.

"Yeah, your aunt Lily is right... "So will you please do that for us..."

I did not say anything... I just kept quiet.

"Kai, my know right, mama, and papa love please be a good kid..okay..don't hurt innocent people and don't break people's are a good kid right?." Aunt Lily put her hand on Kai's cheek.

"Mama, Papa, please don't leave me. What will I do if you both leave me? I don't want mama and papa to go."

"Don't worry Kai, mama and papa are going to where the gods were... so mama and papa will be fine, don't you cry. You are a grown man, and men don't cry like that." Uncle David tried to console Kai, and I still kept quiet.

"Leo, will you please do..."

"Yeah, I will... but I have something to ask." I finally spoke.

"How did you guys end up like this?" "Who did this to You both??."

"To tell the truth, Leo, a year ago we took a loan from the lord of the "Junilor Dynasty" and we were not able to clear our loan and he sent a bunch of people, which is why we ended up like this."


"Did you buy the clothes for Luna and me from that lonely..."

"Hehehe, yeah, don't worry, you don't have to feel guilty about this."

"But how can they do this? only for money, how can they hurt people?" An intense aura came from Leo's body—he was angry.

*!?* Lily and David are scared when they see a life-threatening bloodlust.

"No, Leo, calm down. You won't do anything stupid. Those people are strong. You can't engage in a fight with them."

"I don't want my... oldest son to get hurt...."

*!?* I was shocked when Aunt Lilly called me her son. I never taught her to think of me like her own son. After hearing that, I cried more.

But I can't let this slide... how can we even let those who hurt Aunt Lilly and Uncle David have their peace?

"Promise.. me you won't go.. do anything stupid." Aunt Lily raises her hand.

And after a while, I put my hand on her hand.


"That goo..cough..cough."

"Aunt Lily!?"

"I'm fine. It looks like our time has come. Leo, please don't do anything stupid. Okay. And please, take good care of yourself. And please, give lots of love to Luna and Kai. We are leaving our babies in your hands.

"And Leo will... you please call us."

Mother and father for..the last time?

"No, I don't wanna..." 

"Please, Leo, we don't have much is our last wish..."


"Hehe, thank you; that's so delightful to hear."

"I love you guys." While saying this, Mother Lily and Father David kissed us on our foreheads.

And slowly closes their eyes...

"No...Mama, please don't leave me, mama papa. " Kai cried while hugging Aunt Lily and Uncle David.

"Big buwader... please tell them to wake up... buwader." Kai shakes me with his tiny hands.

I can't see Kai breaking like that, and I gave him a tight hug, and we both cried for a long time. Even Luna, who doesn't understand what's going on, cried with us.


After calming ourselves down, we gave a proper burial to Mother Lily and Father David.

"Don't worry, Mother and Father. I will take good care of Kai." I bowed toward the grave... and Kai clinches on me while sobbing.

"Kai, go say goodbye to your mother and father." I can't break; if I break down, then how will I take care of Kai? I have to fulfill my promise to my new mother and father.

Then Kai sat down next to his mother's and father's graves... and started to cry aging.

"JUNILOR DYNASTY" right?? wait you fucker for us."

To be continued...

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