Act 12

After calming Kai down, we went back to the house. And started to pack everything, because we are leaving this village.

"If Aunt Lily and Uncle David are not here, then we do not need to live in this village."

"Kai, did you get everything that you wanted?"

"Hmm!! Kai nodded his head.

"But, big buwadar, where are we going?"

"We are going to a nice place... you will love it after we get there."

"Is that so? But big buwadar, I don't want to go... because my mother and father will be alone in this place."

"Don't worry, Kai, your mother, and father are always by your side. Wherever you go, they will be watching over you, so it's fine."

I promise you, Uncle David and Aunt Lily, that I will take good care of Kai. I won't let anyone hurt Kai. If anyone dares to hurt Kai, then I'm going to make them pay, I swear.

"And you wanted to learn swordsmanship, right?" "So I will teach you how to wield a sword...from now on."

"Are you really gonna teach me?"

"Yeah, I will... teach you everything that
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