Chapter 103: Curious mind

Turning back the time to tell the story.

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the cold winter breeze was still on the wind. It’s spring season plants and flowers were starting a new life.

It’s the season they come into his plastic world. A world created to become a paradise.

A world with little to nothing conflict. A world where Ren and Konoha were able to become together. In a world, where humans live longer than they normally would

Ren holding Konoha’s soft hands goes toward their house.

At the top of the hill with the scenic view of the wide lake, a wooden house can be found. The house was big enough for a family of four to stay. It’s complete with a living room, kitchen, and four rooms.

Opening the door they entered the house.

Konoha started to wonder and turned her glance around.

There is no decoration in the house. Just simple chairs and tables. Not even a flower vase was placed. She started to th

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