Chapter 20: Farewell and Meeting

The festival starts in the morning to evening that's the tradition in this town.

Just waking up in the morning from the bed you can hear the noise from outside.

I was currently in the Inn with the others because Emilco's house is destroyed last night. That does matter, as long as we are all alive and safe.

I washed my face and saw Alicia who is started to be clingy to Konoha.

"Konoha-same... What do you want?"

"Fried chicken. I want fried chicken."

Konoha is being herself. That makes me feel happy.

Still, I killed a person again, If Konoha finds out she might hate me again. I started to have anxiety after thinking that.

Someone patted my shoulder.

It's Seele and Emilco.

"What happening to your face?"

Asked Konoha.

"Well, the furniture. Television and the expensive cups in the cafe are all destroyed. there nothing left to us."

Said Emilco.

"That horrible... Don't

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