Chapter 35: Dusty book from the past

At the same time as Ren and Yuna resting. Scarlet and the two attendant named Yukihime and sally is in their meeting room discussing something.

"Scarlet-same... Melida is a handful for them. many of the adventurers die in one sweep. Still, we are unable to verify what kind of ability Melida has or what kind of demon Melida is contracted."

Sally said as she read the papers of the document in her hand.

Yukihime who is looking at the pictures of a little girl on her phone responded:

"I feel pity for dusk to die in instant. I think that just makes him a weak guy. Wait for a second Melida's ability killed our adventurer instantly right? Maybe she was contracted with a speed demon."

"What a simple-minded girl you are Yukihime? Demon contractor gains demon abilities when they are contracted. Speed and strength are normal to gain when contracted to a demon. William that represented to became a spy in red robe terrorist and witch cult can't even think what

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