From Loser To Billionaire

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From Loser To Billionaire

By: Narendra Alika OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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“You are a stupid son-in-law! Loser! Not reliable! You don't deserve to be my son-in-law." Agler has been married to Pooja, Dalton's daughter for two years, but during that time he doesn’t have a job and he only lived with his in-laws. That make Agler always gets blasphemy from his in-laws. One day, Agler came home with money as much as 20,000 dollars. Instantly, his father-in-law was immediately kind to him. But, where did Agler get the money?

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The Loser Husband
"Agler...! Please wake up...!" Pooja screams in Agler's ears. Actually she had woken Agler well by gently patting Agler's arm and opening the window blinds, but the husband wouldn't wake up.It was only after hearing Pooja's screams that Agler opened his eyes. "Honey, can't you wake me up in a romantic way like kissing my cheek? You often watch romantic dramas but you never learn from the dramas you watch. You know, I was dreaming of becoming a prince. But you ruined my dreams!" Agler actually scolded his wife."Can that dream give you money? Can that dream make your stomach full? How can I be romantic to you when you always annoy me every day. Get up quickly! You have to work today!" Pooja pulled her husband's hand into the bathroom."Pooja, my beloved wife. It's not that I don't want to work. You see I always try to apply for jobs every day, but no one wants to hire me."Pooja did not respond to her husband's complaint. Instead, she turned on the shower and poured shampoo into Agler
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Get 20,000 dollars
Agler and Pooja return to the Dalton family residence. Upon entering the house, it turns out that they have been awaited by the entire Dalton family.“How can you still dare to come to this house!” Dalton said, he glaring at Agler.Agler and Pooja looked at each other, they didn't understand what Dalton meant. Then Pooja said “Papa, let my husband take a bath and have dinner first. After that you can talk to him again.”“I will not allow him to enter my house again. I've cleaned up his clothes. Tonight, you must get out of this house!” Dalton handed him a bag containing Agler's clothes.Of course Agler and Pooja were surprised to see that. "Papa, why are you kicking my husband like this?" Pooja said."Pooja! Stop defending your husband! Stop covering up his mistakes. We already know what he was doing at Jenny's laundry. And we also know that you paid 10,000 dollars for what he did. We see you work hard every day, but that loser man is just wasting your money. He doesn't deserve to be
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Back To Pooja
"Pooja! My lovely wife!" Agler called out for his wife."Agler?" On hearing Agler's voice, Pooja immediately comes out of the room. She was wide-eyed when she saw her husband again. "Agler!" She immediately hugged Agler. “Oh, I thought I would never be able to see you again.”"I promised you, of course I will keep my promise," Agler replied while hugging his wife back.“Eh, loser boy? Why did you come back here again? Who let you in! Get out of my house right now!” Diana immediately kicked her son-in-law out again."Mom, please don't be angry. You know women over the age of fifty are at high risk of hypertension and even heart attacks. Smile, I have a present for you!” Agler also gave money to his mother-in-law, the same amount as he gave to his father-in-law.Diana stared at the money. “I-is this really for me?”“Sure,” Agler replied with a smile. "So, can I bring my wife into the room?"“Y-yes! Please!"Agler immediately carried Pooja into her room while Pooja was still wondering ho
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Davidson's Grandson
A seventy year old man named Lucas entered the Davidson residence. He is Davidson's youngest brother.“Good morning, My Brother. I brought the healthy food, vegetables and fruits for you. I heard you've been in the hospital a lot over the past few months. You know, it makes me very sad," Lucas said."Thank you, Lucas. I'm touched that you care about me so much."Lucas replied with a smile. “Anyway, I heard the income of your jewelry business decreased in the last month. Is it true?"“Yes, the decrease is up to 10%.”“Oh, that's a pretty worrying number. Haven't you thought about appointing a new person to manage your business? I mean, at your current age, you need a lot of rest, you can't work like you used to anymore. Moreover, nowadays it is more sophisticated. I think your business would be better if it was managed by a younger person,” Lucas said.Davidson smiled at his brother's suggestion. Lucas always said like that every time they met. “What do you mean coaxing me like this, L
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The Party
"Announcement! I invite all of you to a party tonight. Please wear your best clothes!” Agler said to the Daltons."Sorry, I don't like to coming to laborer parties," Anthony replied sarcastically."This is not a laborer party. In fact, I can guarantee that it will be the best party you will ever attend,” Agler said.Pooja also said, “Come on, don't waste time. We can't be late to the party."Then they started getting ready even though they were still confused about where Agler would take them.When they got out of the house, they saw a luxury car parked in the yard. "Whose car is that?" Dalton asked to Agler.Then, Agler said, “This is my car, Papa. We will go by this car.”"Really?" Dalton's eyes widened. "How can you buy a car when you've only worked one day?"Agler only replied with a smile.While Ellena whispered to her husband. "Isn't that car very expensive?"“Yes, it is a limited edition car. How could he possibly get that car? I'm sure he must have borrowed it from someone,"
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A Loser Will Only Be A Loser
After the party ended, the Daltons were driven home by a driver from Davidson. But Agler and Pooja didn't come with them. They live at Davidson's house.“My dear grandson, tonight is the happiest night for me because I can meet you and introduce you to everyone. Now, you and your wife should rest because tomorrow will be a very busy day for you. Ghani will show your room to you both. Have a nice dream tonight!” Davidson said to his grandson."Thank you, Grandpa." Agler and Pooja said in unison while lowering their heads.After that they both followed Ghani to a room. Arriving in front of the room, Ghani said, “Master, Madam, this is your room. I've provided everything you need inside, but if you still need anything else, you can tell me.""Thank you very much, Ghani. I think its all enough.”"You are welcome."Ghani leaves them both. Now, Agler and Pooja enter the room. They were astonished to see the room was so spacious. The furniture in it looks so luxurious and complete. "Oh my Go
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Lucas and Anthony
Lucas went to Dalton's house. He knocked on the door, not long after that Dalton opened. "I am sorry, I think I've seen you.""Yes, I'm Lucas. I am Davidson's brother. You must have seen me at the party last night.”"Oh, I see. Oh My God, it's really an honor for me to have my house visited by an honorable person like you. Please come in, sir!”Lucas enters Dalton's house. He noticed every piece of furniture in the house that looked simple."Would you like coffee or juice, sir?" Dalton offered Lucas a drink."No, thanks. I was just discussing something important with you.”"Oh. Please take a sit." Dalton looked nervous, he was also confused about what Lucas wanted to tell him. "What do you want to talk to me about, sir?""It's about Agler.""Agler?""Yes. Agler is your son-in-law. I'm sure you know more about his background and origins that you married your daughter to him. Can you explain that to me?”“Oh, actually, I don't really know Agler's background. But my father knows him bett
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Resign From The School
After finishing teaching for the day, Pooja was asked to meet the principal."Please have a seat, Mrs. Pooja!" the principal said to her.Pooja sat across from the principal and she said "What did you call me for?""I got a report from Mr. Robert that you kicked Julian out of your class. Is that true?"Pooja was silent for a while then she said "I did kick him out of my class. But I did that because he was noisy in my class, he was also disturbing his other friends. That's why I gave him punishment to get out of the class.""But don't you know that Mr. Robert is the owner of this school? You shouldn't have done something like that to his son.""Yes, I know Julian is Mr Robert's son. But when he was in my class, he was my student. I think I have rights as a teacher. I just want to be fair to all my students. ""You're just an ordinary teacher, Pooja. You don't deserve to be like that, especially to the school owner's son. I will give you one last chance, if you make a mistake again, I
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The Innocent Man
Agler and Pooja took a stroll together enjoying the cool afternoon weather. They are seen holding hands. "I already have a car, why are you still asking me to walk like this?" Agler asked his wife.“Walking is healthier, this also includes exercise, besides, I think it's boring in the car. Here we can breathe fresh air.”Agler nodded his head, he agreed with his wife's statement. “Pooja, actually I still feel like all of this is like a dream. I still can't believe that now I am the grandson of Mr Davidson who is rich. You know, I still don't understand how to be rich."Pooja laughed at Agler's words. “Agler, you just need to be yourself. Our lives have changed now, where we live changed, our clothes changed, but you and I have not changed. We're still the same people, right? So, just be yourself, it will make you happy.""Wow, you are a very wise woman indeed."“Of course, have you forgotten that I am a teacher? The teacher is a wise person.”"I see."They continued walking again, unt
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The Tattoo
In the morning, Lucas returned to the Davidson residence. He went straight to his brother. At that time, Mr Davidson was sitting on the side porch drinking coffee and reading a book."Good morning, Brothers!" Lucas greeted his brother.Davidson turned his head and immediately smiled when he saw his little brother's face. then Mr Davidson said, “Hey, Lucas! good morning too? what happened to make you visit me so early in the morning?”"Actually I wanted to visit you last night, but because I didn't want to disturb your rest time, so I decided to just meet you this morning," Lucas replied."What's going on?" Mr. Davidson asked again."There's something important I want to talk to you about, Dav. And this is about Agler.”"Aggler?" Mr Davidson seemed to frown. "What happened with him?""Hmm, I hope you're not surprised to hear what I'm about to tell you.""Please don't make me even more curious."“Oh, I'm sorry. I'll explain to you soon." Lucas sat next to his older brother first. Then h
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