Game Of Eternals: Sinner

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Game Of Eternals: Sinner

By: First Flame OngoingFantasy

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[What was your sin?] "I tried saving them." [What would you gain from doing that?] "I just wanted to remove this scar." [But that scar was never gained from not saving them.] "I know. I just wanted to see if it worked or not." [And the result was?] "The one I saved killed me." The discussion between Desire and Delight took place as he sipped the tea. [What will you do now?] "The stage has been set, and the doors will be opening soon. I also need to do my part." [And what was your part?] "One Last Chance." The room was in silence as Delight looked at Desire and asked, [A sinner or a saint?] "Depends on the way of the viewer."

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    great story

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226 chapters
Chapter 1: A brief Intro.
Boom!!A wave of energy went through the universe, which blasted everything that got in its way into smithereens."This is your last chance. Otherwise, there'll be [SkyFall]"This message reached every corner. Everything started moving into its place like a piece of puzzle as the Chaos Era descended......"Fireball.""Guardian Valor."Roar*"Neo, to your left.""Got it. Charlie, buff!""Already done."A sword light slashed, trying to cut the monster in two, but it jumped back, dodging the attack. The monster before the group was small in stature, but its wicked appearance made up for its lack of size. Its skin was a sickly shade of green, mottled with darker patches that made it look diseased and unhealthy. Its body was thin and wiry, with sharp claws on each of its bony fingers that glinted in the dim light.A small ball of fire landed on the tiny figure and blasted it backward. And before it could land on the ground, a sword moved toward it, fast. The attack from befor
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Chapter 2: Let's Go Neo.
When Neo stepped into the apartment, it gave the feeling that this was the home of a single person. The living area was cozy, with a comfortable armchair and a small sofa arranged around a coffee table. The walls were adorned with paintings, and a bookshelf in the corner held a small collection of books and knick-knacks.To the left of the living area was a compact kitchen, with a stove, refrigerator, and sink all neatly arranged against one wall. A small table with two chairs was pushed up against the opposite wall, creating a cozy space for meals or working from home.In the back corner of the apartment was a bedroom, with a queen-sized bed pushed up against one wall and a dresser and nightstand on the other side. The walls were painted a soft blue, creating a serene and calming atmosphere, and a small window let in a bit of natural light.The bathroom was small but functional, with a shower stall and toilet tucked into one corner and a sink and mirror mounted on the opposite wal
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Chapter 3: Gunivelle's Resturant
Neo looked at this with surprise and said with a smile, "Congratulations." Bella wasn't letting him go with just that as she shook her head and dragged him out of his apartment, saying, "No, mister, just congratulating me is not enough. Let's go, we are going out for a meal." Neo shook his head helplessly and told her to at least let him lock the door, to which she nodded, but was still not letting him go like he might run away at any moment. Neo found her antics a little funny as he chuckled and locked the door. Bella dragged him to the parking lot as a vehicle was waiting for them there. Bella came near the car. The door moved up and welcomed them. Neo looked at the car, but then shook his head as he sat in the passenger seat. The car floated a little and zoomed from the car park as it moved toward the restaurant that Bella had already told the super AI about. She then brought her attention to Neo, who was looking out, appreciating the scenery that was constantly changing as th
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Chapter 4: Shopping
Neo felt his belief in humanity slipping as he inwardly calculated the price and sucked a deep breath and when he heard her saying two of each, he just was left speechless. "Who can finish this much?" He muttered slowly, but Bella still heard him as they were the only two in the room and that Bella was a Ranker. She puffed her cheeks and said, "Are you calling me fat?" Neo was stunned by her question and inwardly thought, '𝘏𝘰𝘸 𝘥𝘪𝘥 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘢 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘤𝘭𝘶𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯?' But he didn't utter that. Instead, he said, "I think we might end up wasting too much food, and I am not that hungry. How about you cancel one portion?" But Bella denied him strongly. "No, you need these nutrients as you are going to form the core and if you don't have a healthy body during the last moments, the core might end up being faulty with cracks in it." Neo smiled as he saw her concern for him, but still tried asking her to cancel at least some of them. She didn't budge one inch,
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Chapter 5: Mid Grade Stats boost potion.
Neo said his goodbye to Bella, who informed him about the time before which he should be ready for the party."Remember to be ready before 6 pm. We need to reach there before 6:30. "Neo nodded as he opened the door and entered the apartment. He put down the shopping bags on the table and opened the log as looked at the notification that had appeared after he ate at the restaurant.『 You consumed a high nutrient meal. 』『 Strength +2, Vitality +4 』He stared at the extra stats for a while, before going to take a bath to freshen himself. After which he just went to his bed and slept soundly....Next morning:Neo opened his eyes as the morning sun shone over his face. Looking at the clock on the nightstand, he found it was 6 am. He got out of the bed and washed his face before exercising for a while.After sweating a little, he stopped and took a bath. Preparing breakfast for himself, he returned to the living room to enjoy the meal as he turned on the TV, which showed the hos
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Chapter 6: Sink or Swim.
Neo gulped the potion. The moment the potion entered his body, he felt a soothing feeling and new found power waking every pore in his body. Neo clenched his fist as he felt he could crush a boulder, but that was just him overestimating himself. He looked at his new stats.『 StatusName: Neo OrpheusClass: NoneLevel 1 (0/100)Title: NoneHp: 190/190 ➠ 890/890Mana: 60/60 ➠ 760/760Strength: 14 ➠ 84 Agility: 9 ➠ 79Stamina: 10 ➠ 80 Intelligence: 6 ➠ 76Vitality: 19 ➠ 89 Luck: 7』No change in the [Luck] stats was not surprising to him as he knew that only [luck booster potions] could do that and those things were several times more expensive than the potion that he had just consumed.After confirming that everything was ready, Neo peaked from the crack to see what the monsters were doing. He didn't have the inspection skill and could only discern with his eye whether the monsters were the buffed up version of the monsters or not.The hall was dimly lit with
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Chapter 7: Collecting the Soul.
"This is strange." Neo said as from what Bella told him, every player only receives unallocated stat points after they level up and the number of free points depends on their potential. Bella received 16 stat points with each level up, that she told him herself."I'm receiving 12 stat points with each level up, but why are they getting allocated by themselves?" Neo said to himself as this was too strange for him and the more baffling this was that even his luck stat increased.This was quite impossible. Bella told him that other than some special items, it was impossible to add points to that stat and everyone was born with a fixed amount."Let's think about this later. " Neo squatted down and tore open their chests to find the spheres. He was quite lucky, as he found 4 of them. Putting away the spheres in his pocket, he said to himself, "I should have brought a bag."He decided to consult with Bella about this problem as she was the only knowledgeable person he knew.He arrived
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Chapter 8: Options.
Neo kept looking at the core to confirm what he thought was correct and only after confirming that was the case did he move his attention away from the mana core. He checked the increase in stats after he "absorbed" the "soul of the Goblin Elite". He found that there was indeed an increase in his stats. Neo felt the need to hunt more monsters to see why that happened. He butchered a lot of the monsters on his way to the boss's room, but none of them gave him any increase and why he didn't "absorbed" their "souls". He tore open the boss's chest, and he found the sphere in its body, but it was slightly bigger than the spheres he collected so far, red in color. "Might be because it's an elite monster or a boss monster." He had no time to think because he had wasted a lot already and the potion might not hold on before he could complete this dungeon. Neo put the sphere in his pocket and walked past the throne. The stairs came in his view. "Crossing this, I'll be eligible to access th
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Chapter 9: Boots of Swiftness
This floor was a maze-like structure filled with tougher and more aggressive goblins than those found on the first floor. These goblins were armed with crude weapons, such as spears and clubs. Neo came before one of them and used his only skill."Inspect."[Goblin WarriorLevel 10Health 1250/1250Mana Nil]The inspection worked and he got the information on the monster, he was just testing its effect. Neo lunged forward and pierced the goblin with his sword through its chest and damage appeared over its head.-1100He could one-shot a goblin, that he had just learned, but then he knew that as he beheaded many before. With his 80+ points of agility, he was fast and goblins couldn't keep up with his speed and were getting butchered left and right. Time was tight, so Neo decided to not care about the spheres for now and was cutting down the goblins as he navigated through the maze. It took him over 20 minutes to come out of the other side of the maze as a colossal door appeared befor
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Chapter 10: Goblin Shaman
Neo stood before the door, his one hand on the door while the other was gripping the sword to protect himself from any surprise attack. If the goblins from before had been more intelligent and had slowly and stealthily closed the distance on him, the result might have been different.So, Neo couldn't be reckless and careless just because he was short on time. He opened the door and entered the room, where he was greeted by the floor boss. The goblin boss stood before Neo, wielding a massive battleaxe with both hands. Its beady eyes glared at Neo with an intense hatred, and its muscles bulged beneath its green skin. Neo could see that this goblin was much larger and more muscular than any of the others he had encountered so far."Inspect."[Goblin BruteLevel 13Health 2500/2500Attack: 290~310Defense: 190~240Magic Defense: Nil ]The goblin jumped in the air and brought the axe down, trying to split Neo in half. Neo dodged to the left, and the Axe embedded itself into the ground. Gob
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