"Come come... You have it."

       She dragged closer. He was sieving his options. He was very conscious of the odds. He was making his odds known. He couldn't hide it any longer. He couldn't feign any longer. He couldn't toss his rage aside. But all he could he yet do at that moment was disguise. He could even do more than that. He was glad that he would attain the heights he had craved for all  his life. He was glad that he was close to the completion of all. He was glad that he would have to put a stop to all the odds. He was glad that he wouldn't have to keep putting up with things of odd stances. He was glad that his marred motives had been moistened and he was going to reap what he had scarcely sown. He didn't know what comparison he was supposed to make. He had no idea what he was supposed to think of course, but he was making effort. That was all he could do. He could feel the rays of t

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