He had no idea how he was supposed to had expressed the feelings in words. He couldn't think. He knew that he didn't belong to himself anymore at that moment. He knew that he was more of a clone of himself. He couldn't be sure what feeling was squashing his whole. He wasn't sure what odd was pawning his guts. He didn't need several feelings at that moment. He simply needed few. He needed the few he could use. He needed only few he could pawn. He hoped that he had laid his hands on few of them. He hoped that he had had a grasp on the few. He wasn't so sure. He couldn't be sure. He didn't know what he was supposed to feel. He didn't know what he wasn't supposed to. All he knew was that he wasn't using his brain anymore. He simply wasn't himself anymore. He was trying very hard to pull himself together. He was trying very hard to make a tune of his rage and passion. He didn't know wha

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