He wants her to loose her consciousness. He wanted her to plead. He wanted her to loose her focus that he might have his way. He couldn't think better. He was trying to sort his thoughts. He was trying as hard as possible to put things together. He needed a scene to hold. She was driving him crazy. He could put up with that for the meantime. He couldn't really be sure. He wanted to be. He wanted her to be so engrossed. He wanted her to be so given. He wanted her to be so in. Then he would unleash his Mayhem. That was all that he had written in the diary. That was all that he wanted to do. But the more he did try it out, the clueless he was. He would keep trying. He would keep pushing. He grasped her boobs and squeezed them ruthlessly. He wanted her to feel what he was feeling. He put his mouth to them and sucked. He bit the nipples gently. He didn't want to stir her, yet h

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