Supplementary Chapter 12

        "You thought I'll be gone away from you for life like for real?"

     He didn't know what to say. She seemed glad and like she was enjoying the best of the moment. He was raged but knew that he could never do anything. He was more like a specimen and should begin to admit to that fact. 

   He looked at her. She was smiling. He needed no soothsayer to tell him what and how to go about what he was feeling. Her eyes were lit and the smile was so rich. She hadn't just done it from a snare. She had thought of it before doing it. That was some witchery.

    He tried not to remember the effect of what she had done to him. The hand she had placed on his forehead. He was trying to pretend that twas no real thought he knew quite well that twas more than real. 

     He looked away from her and tried to sort his thoughts and make them into s

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