Supplementary Chapter 5

      "Keep walking, Lia, will catch up soon."

    He wasn't sure if he heard him. Ja Lia seemed to be really in a haste. He didn't know why though but twas kinda a plus to him. He loved to have it that way. 

     He changed his route and edged towards the lady he had seen earlier. She was standing under a tree after he had called at her. He didn't know why she had chosen to be there. 

     He walked briskly. He looked at his front occasionally to be sure that Lia was not looking at the back. He saw him look back and halted. He didn't seem to had looked at him but twas better for him to be sure. 

    Ja Lia kept on walking till he was lost to the height of the hay. He couldn't see him any more and that was the best time for him to have his way with the lady. 

     He arrived before her and was met by

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