Supplementary Chapter 6

       "You're better than the first."

     She dropped away. Like climbed off from him. She rolled on the berth beside him and heaved a super long sigh. He didn't know what that meant. Probably twas that of relief or nothing even close to that. 

    He was staring blankly at the roof of the hut. Several things were running through his mind. He had been kicking them aside for a while but knew that he could never keep to that. He would have to keep letting some things slide. That was the best option at the moment. 

      "The first?"

       That seemed to make sense to him suddenly. What did she mean by that?

      "Yes! The first man is so skilled but has no long stock as yours."

     He wanted to laugh at that. Not at the fact that she was acknowledging that his p

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