Supplementary Chapter 7

    "Help me, help me. Hope he doesn't chew me raw."

   He muttered as he dragged towards Ja Lia's house. It seemed more like a ritual to have a tree in the front of all the houses in the village. Hardly would you go to a house without a tree planted probably few metres away from the huts. He would still have to make quite the researches on it to understand what give birth to it. He knew that twas more than the ordinary. 

   Back in China, they don't fancy things like that. The only thing they could never toss aside was were their private spiritual places. Beyond that, they would never take other things seriously. Also, their cultures did have a special place in their hearts. He did wish that the fellows living in his present place had cultures. He couldn't point at an act as their culture.

    They seemed really loose. A typical person could come up with an idea. If such idea

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