Great Redundant

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Great Redundant

By: JOHNSON Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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The turnings of life. At your lowest point, you see your friends How would you feel when you wake up to find out that your rightful possessions have been taken away from you? How about seeing your whole life crumble before in a matter of seconds? Jack gets this news and is subsequently evicted from his own house. With zero money, food, and clothes, he wanders on the streets hopelessly ALL HE WISHED FOR WAS HIS PHONE CHARGER OF ALL THINGS, WHY HIS CHARGER?

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  • Wisdom Dovlo


    A great book. plot and setting are all great. The Author did a great Job and must be commended

    2023-12-31 19:39:30
  • zoey


    a nice book here. worth paying

    2023-11-13 01:50:54
  • Rex Magnus


    Great start. Hope Jack’s revenge is gonna be epic.

    2023-11-02 01:43:53


    Hey guys, please do well to leave your ratings here

    2023-11-01 22:25:10
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177 chapters
BREAKING NEWSJack descended the stairs to the meeting room.All of the family had met there and he was supposed to go there too.He had just gotten a call from his uncle that his attention was needed in the meeting room.Jack walked slowly downstairs and approached the meeting room.He was still not in a good mood and had been keeping to himself after the death of his beloved father.They had just buried him, and most of the few members of the family were all ready to share and devour his properties and possessions.They had invited his father’s lawyer to come and read out his bill.They were all eager to get their share of the properties made by his late father.He seemed quite unbothered about the whole issue of sharing properties because he knew, with facts, that his father had willed all his possessions to him.Jack got to the entrance of the meeting room.The door was already open, and from where he stood, he could see the people in the room.His father’s immediate family were al
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HAVE TO LEAVE“ You are not a leader in this house, and you have no say in this house. You have no right to get me out of this house.” Jack fired back“ He is the leader now,and anything he says here in this house is final, if you have any grievances, you can go to court just as the lawyer has stated, and that is only if you have the money to do so” Uncle Daniel said.They all burst into hilarious laughter.“ I challenge you all. You are all thieves, and I am not going to stand by and look while you squander off my fathers’s hard earned property and possessions.” Jack shouted on top of his voice.“ Well, you can actually be right on that part.You can challenge the will of your father in court, but that does not guarantee that you are going to win. Besides, from today, you are no longer a member of this family.You are hereby forbidden from ever entering this house again in your entire life.” George said in a mocking tone.All the others nodded and cheered him on.Jack realized what
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I'M RICHJack knew that was the end for him.He saw the castles he had built in the air come down all at once, rumbling noiselessly.Jack felt as though this whole thing was a dream.He wished someone would just tap him and bring him back to reality.He just kept looking at the duo without saying a word." Hey, young man, I will advise you to leave here as soon as possible." Alfred said and stood up from the bed.He motioned towards Jack, smiled at him, and pushed him out.He closed the door on him.Jack was too numb and weak to retaliateJack knew he had no option but to leave the house.*******************Tracy had been Jack's girlfriend for close to two years.He had been with her through thick and thinTracy was a homeless girl on the streets until Jack found her one day when he was at the ATM, withdrawing money.Tracy had gone to him to beg him for some money, and Jack fell in love with her at first sight.Jack thought of a way to help her, and that very day, he took her to a sho
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IT'S SHOWTIME“ I am rich… I am rich” Jack screamed from the bathroom.His voice echoed inside the staff working area as he just kept shouting.A few seconds later, Jack emerged from the washroom with his phone in his hand, and a smile on his face, shouting “ I am Rich” .All the staff in the room kept looking at him as he jumped around, wondering what was going on with him.He looked so happy as he jumped around that they all thought he was going mad.They all knew him to be the new worker who came in about two days ago, looking all miserable. Now this same person was shouting that he was rich.There were only two things that could cause that.Either he is mad, or was about to.At that moment, the manager of the restaurant walked in furiously, looking for Jack. He came in to see Jack jumping around and shouting " I'm rich".He tapped him on the shoulder furiously as Jack came to his sensesJack looked at the manager with a smile on his face." What is wron
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NO ONE CAN STOP MEJack set off to work at once.He quickly dressed and walked out of the hotel room.He Returned about an hour later with a backpack on his back.He sat down and brought out the contents of the backpack.He took out a new macbook he had acquired from a store.He quickly booted the system and set it to work.First, he began browsing on cheap estates where he could get a house to buy.After about five minutes of scrolling through, he finally made a settlement for a bedroom ensuite apartment.He was cool with the images of the house he had seen and immediately began the process of payment.Money was not his problem at that moment, and he was glad that he was in the position to buy anything he wanted to buy, without having to think about how it was going to affect his wallet.After proceeding to make payment, he scheduled his move into the next day.He was planning to spend that night in the hotel and move into his newly bought house the next day.After successfully secur
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A NEW BEGINNINGA knock came on the door, followed by a voice." Room service please".He walked to the door and opened it.It's was a young lady in her uniform.She was pushing a small trolley.Jack ushered her in.. The lady came in and stopped the trolly, pulling out a foldable table from the trolley.She quickly set a table for him and walked out of the room.Jack sat down and enjoyed his food.After he had eaten and the table had been cleared on order.He opened his backpack and took out a new mobile phone and a new sim card.He inserted the new sim card In to the phone and switched it on.Then he took a number from his old phone.He dialled the number on his mew phone and placed the phone to his ear.The call was answered at once." Hello, George McAllister, on the line, how may I help you?" He heard George's voice from the other end.He heaved a sigh and cleared his throat " George McAllister, your doom is near, I am coming for you," He said in a hoarse voice and ended the call
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A NEW TRILLIONIARE HAS BEEN MADE Jack walked into his new house.He looked around him with a smile on his face.The people he hired had arranged the place neatly and beautifully.He heaved a sigh.Just about three days ago, he was sleeping in a hostel where he never thought he would ever sleep.Now, he was living his own life of luxury.He sat down in the living room and switched on his macbook.He went ahead to check his emails and realized he had a couple of important messages.First, he had an email from the certification office that his application had been approved and his company certificate had been tendered.He had been sent the certificate.He heaved a heavy sigh of relief upon reading the message.He quickly downloaded the certificate and proceeded to the site where he had bookmarked some oil mining sites.He began interacting with owners of the fields to purchase the fields.He created a business email and a website for the company, and then he knew he was readyJack knew t
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TIME TO WORKJack walked inside the house.It was not yet late but he did not intend to do anything again as he knew it was going to be a very tough day the next day and he needed to rest in order to be ready to face the next day.As he leisurely walked around, he knew he needed to play the game.His account has been heavily strained for these two days, and he needed to replenish it quickly.He had almost about three hours left for the day to end, and he sat down on his study table and began playing the game.Two hours later, he had been able to play the game and acquired over two billion dollars.He smiled at himself as he withdrew the money into his bank account.Right after that, he quickly retired to bed in order to be able to rise early the next day.Early the next morning, it was Thursday morning.He woke up around and prepared to leave for his new office.He needed to work vigorously that day and the next as it was getting to the weekend.He wanted to complete all his work befor
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THE FORMER FRIEND. Friday morning, JACKALLISTER Office.It was an early morning, The secretary and the receptionist have arrived to start their workFour men in suits had entered the office and were going about their businesses. They all seemed like important members of the company.Jack was seen in the office with a mop and a mopping bucket.He was busily cleaning the office.The applicants who had been invited for the interview were busily trooping in one after the other.As Jack worked, he was observing the applicants as they arrived at the place.Just as he was busily cleaning the place, he noticed someone familiar enter the place.He looked at him well.The man was his former friend, Alfred.The same guy who was having an affair with his girlfriend.He held a file in his hand, and it was obvious he was an applicant as well.Alfred recognised him as well.He burst into a hilarious laughter as soon as he saw Jack cleaning the place." Hey, loser, how have you been? You needed to be
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THE OLD FRIENDAn hour in, Jack pressed his bell, signifying the next applicant to walk in.Alfred appeared in the room, looking around with a smile on his face.All the seats were occupied except one, that one he was obviously supposed to go to.He saw the man in suit sitting with his head bowed, focused on his phone.He walked slowly to him, holding a file in his hand.Adjusting his necktie, he reached the table." Good morning, sir," Alfred greeted.He looked a bit nervous but calm." Good morning. Please have your seat," the man replied without looking up."Thank you, sir," Alfred responded and sat down, looking straight at the man.He felt the man's voice to be a familiar one, yet he knew that was not the time to think about who was familiar to him and who was not.All he needed was to secure a jobThe man looked up at him, and a ton of shock hit Alfred.His smile disappeared at once as he looked at himHe looked at him with a mean face as they he would swallow him.He was just sp
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