A hypothesis...

    In the woods. 

~A group~

"Do you think she speaks the truth?"

"What does it matter, whether or not twas the truth. We all saw it with our own eyes."

"What if she really made us see what we wanted to see? What if it's all her plan all along. You can't be so foolproof to the plans of a witch."

The third man chuckled and played the sole of his old cum torn sandal through the dirt surrounding him. 

"Are we still talking about her being a witch? What do you even know about the art of witchery? Did you really think that witches do not have their own limitations? You think all they wish to do is at their disposal? If so, why then do we have demons, familiar spirits, magical creatures and the gods? You're an old man, why do you speak as those youth whose intelligence had been smothered by booze?"

The man who was being addressed sprung to his feet,

"What did you just say? Do you want to die?"


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