"I welcome you all to this call of importance and of course, need."

Athena started, standing before the heap of villagers. The numbers of villagers had drastically increased. You could call that the aftermath of the ought-to-be but was-not war. 

It had been said that several other people from different remote settings who had gone into hide when the king of the land was killed and the invaders swooped in returned. People who wanted a ruler who could save them and be there for them. And none of them seemed to find a better ruler other than the glorious Athena. 

"I should start by taking into account your loyalty and how efficient you all have been since these past few days. Even majority of you had gone to the extent of bringing in many of your families and friends because you think it right that I rule you. Because you place your trust in me even in the face of opposition."

She paused again. The sil

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