Collision - Buying Time.

     The Cave. 

~Poseidon/Vulcan and Athena~

"Is that how vulnerable you are? That you can't leave the mortals out of the show?!"

Athena's intonation fell to rise. Her eyes running through the stern face of the young sorcerer who had his back to them. Vulcan was standing beside her. 

They had just entered into the cave and instead of exchanging pleasantries, Athena had shot those words at the fellow. You could say, that was her own way of saying a 'hi'.

"You must have a lot of guts to bring him with you."

The sorcerer turned to face them. His eyes were red and there was a mask of laser running through his face. Vulcan tripped and freaked out. But then, the mask seeped into the sorcerer's face; his face sucked it in. 

"He's my love. A mortal who has everything your immortal carcass can never reach."

She shot back and he chuckled. 

"Do you mean he has this!"

He swiped his hand acro

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